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Forging and heat processing

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2336016 Z 3 1P+2C Czech
Garant předmětu:
Department of Manufacturing Technology
Syllabus of lectures:

1.Work safety, engineering materials and their marking (steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals), mechanical and technology properties.

2.The temperature of heating , allotropic modification of pure iron, austenitizing, austenitizing diagrams.

3.The binary diagram of iron ? carbon, the structural phase of steel, crystallization of the steels (podeutektoidní, eutectoid, nadeutektoidní).

4.Quenching, tempering, the influence of alloying elements on hardenability, the Jomminy´s hardenability tests.

5.The diagram IRA, ARA, cementation and nitridation.

6.Types of annealing, diagram of Fe-Fe3C, heat treatment field.

7.Formability tests, final test.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Getting Acquainted with workplace, the basic technology of blacksmith forging (lengthening, stamping, assembly, leakage).

2.Hand-Forged (free).

3.Mechanical forging (free - die).

4.Improvement of free forging skills.

5.According to the skills of each student selection and preparation of materials for making your own product.

6.Getting Acquainted with the problems of forge welding.

7.Methods of control the finished forgings.

8.Work on the product itself.

9.Work on the product itself.

10.Work on the product itself.

11.Work on the product itself.

12.Work on the product itself.

13.Evaluation of individual work, evaluation of the final test, the granting of course credit, or getting of certificate.

Study Objective:

Training of basic forging techniques in order to extend practical and theoretical knowledge and skills in the area of of solid forming and heat treatment. Potential candidates can obtain a „certificate of a trained person in the field of open and closed die forging.“

Study materials:

Metallic Materials 1 (structure of metallic materials) - Vaclav Machek; Czech Technical University in Prague (2013)

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