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Town and Country Planning Instruments

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127NUKP ZK 5 3P+1C Czech
Garant předmětu:
Petr Durdík, Jiří Kupka
Petr Durdík, Jiří Kupka, František Pospíšil, Simona Vondráčková
Jan Cihlář, Petr Durdík, Jiří Kupka, František Pospíšil, Simona Vondráčková
Department of Urban Design, Town and Regional Planning

The subject combines the topics of urban and landscape planning tools. In the spatial planning builds on the lessons in a bachelor study program-URB3. More detail is here treated the issue of spatial planning, in particular, the procedure for the acquisition and processing of spatial analytical data and spatial plan, common methodological approaches, contents and extent of the documentation. Students will get acquainted with the principles contained in the building Act and its implementing regulations. In the section on landscape planning are detailed procedures for planning each landscape of subsystems and the types of documents that can be used for this purpose.


The subject has no continuities.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction to the problem, recapitulation of land-use planning tools. Decree No. 500/2006 Coll.

2. Zoning analytical materials, acquisition process. Monitored phenomena at the regional level. Observed phenomena at the municipal level. Instructions for solutions in the follow-up land-use planning documentation. Built-up area defined by a separate procedure.

3. Zoning plan. Creation of assignments. Content of the assignment and draft land use plan. Drawing part of the zoning plan. Decree 501/2006 Coll. Areas with different ways of use.

4. Functional and spatial regulation in land-use plan. Urban planning concept and concept of related systems. Demarcation of land. Spacing of buildings. Public infrastructure.

5. Public spaces. Public utility buildings.

6. Right of pre-emption and expropriation. Drawing part of the justification. Changes to the zoning plan.

7. Landscape planning - introduction to the problem, overview of tools of adaptation of settlements to climate change

8. Tools for protection of biodiversity and ecological stability (SES, KES), ÚSES, nature and landscape protection - management plans for SPAs, principles of NP management

9. Planning of disturbed landscape - reclamation, planning of agricultural landscape - soil - protection of ZPF and spatial planning, BPEJ, land consolidation (plan of common facilities)

10. Protection and planning of cultural landscape - landscape heritage zones

11. Forest landscape planning - forms of forest management (NIL, OPRL, LHP, LHO), afforestation, logging, relation to land-use planning.

12. EIA + SEA - content, process, connection to construction processes and land-use planning.

13. Conception of landscape arrangement in land-use plan and landscape issues at the level of state and regions, landscape study.

Syllabus of tutorials:

The aim of the exercise is to practically verify the links between the individual types of land-use planning documents and land-use planning documentations and to know their content on specific documentation and to acquire basic knowledge of land-use planning tools in the form of searches of land-use planning documents (ÚPP), land-use planning documentation (ÚPD) and building legislation.

Study Objective:

Ability to apply knowledges to the processes of master city plan procurement and processing.

Study materials:

SKLENIČKA, Peter. Basics of landscape planning. Prague: Naděžda Skleničková, 2003.

SALAŠOVÁ, Alena. Landscape Planning I and II. Brno: Mendel University, 2015.

Act No. 183/2006 Coll., Building Act

Decree 500/2006 Coll., on ÚAP, ÚPD and the method of recording land-use planning activities

Decree 501/2006 Coll., on general requirements for land use

VÁCHAL, Jan – NĚMEC, Jan – HLADÍK, Jiří (eds.). Land consolidation in the Czech Republic. Prague: Consult, 2011.

Act No. 139/2002 Coll., on Land Adjustments and Land Offices

Act No. 289/1995 Coll., Forest Act

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