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Spatial Design

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BE4M39PTV Z,ZK 6 2P+2L Czech
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Spatial Design (B4M39PTV)
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Spatial Design (B4M39PTV)
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Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction

Course aim is to evoke interest in shape, material and its spatial characteristic with help of sophisticated spatial tasks and studies. It is not intended to educate a sculptor or designer. Another aspect is to turn students' attention from restricted form of flat computer screens towards free real space and let them by means of basic techniques like drawing and modeling to create spontaneously. Students will be confronted with basic composition and form creation principles of Gestalt psychology. Student will verify knowledge gained by means of sophisticated composition tasks. This course will take place in the sculptural and design workshop of Faculty of Architecture.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction into spatial design (history and state-of-art). Introduction of the basic concept and structure of the course, content and requirements.

2. Basic terms of Gestalt psychology, composition.

3. Rules of work with material - sculpting workshop

4. Material, volume, shape; full and empty space

5. Stretching of the volume, the whole and connections.

6. Development of spatial imagination; form, frame and borders

7. Rules, rhythm, repetition, alternation, deviation from given rules

8. Experience with materials and its processing

9. Semester project assignment

10. Application of form-creation principles of Gestalt psychology (format, frame, border).

11. Discussion of proposals and variants of semester projects; consultation of first ideas

12. Discussion and consultation of technical realization in design workrooms

13. Finalization of the design

14. Presentation of the semester projects

Syllabus of tutorials:

Course takes place in design workrooms at FA ČVUT. The practices can be divided into following blocks:

1. Introduction to the rules and procedures of design workroom.

2.- 3. First exercise: Getting familiar with basic terms and principles of Gestalt psychology.

4. - 6. Second exercise: Practical experiments inspired by selected Gestalt laws.

7. - 9. Third exercise:. Application of form-creation principles of Gestalt psychology (format, frame, border).

10.-14. Semester project: Possibility to elaborate on individual projects related to semester/master work and possible interdisciplinary cooperation with students of FA ČVUT.

Study Objective:
Study materials:

1. Josef Hlaváček : Kompozice podle Rudolfa Arnheima ISBN: 8086039323 (brož) : bc

2. Gyorgy Kepes, S. Giedion, S. I. Hayakawa : Language of Vision : Courier Corporation, 1995 Počet stran: 228

3. Kulka Jiří: Psychologie umění ISBN: 9788024723297

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