Numerical Control of Production Machines and Equipment Control

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Department of Production Machines and Equipment

Numerical controled cutting machines, means of programming, coordinate systems, ISO code.

NC program, its creating using CAD/CAM layers, postprocessors.

Numerical control of forming machines,

control data preparation.

CNC inner structure, interaction of its parts, microprocessors in machine control.

Real-time operating systems.

Syllabus of lectures:

NC and CNC systems, basic features and abilities. NC programming, ISO coding, CAD-CAM systems.

Structure of an NC program, path programming, G-codes.

Coordinate systems on the machine tool, reference point and offsets.

Tool radius compensation, compensated path. Coordinate system transformation to machine tool axes. Inaccuracy of machine tool, measuring methods and compensations.

Subprograms, macros, canned cycles.

Programming dialogue. Modes of control.

Technical demands on CNC system.

Inner structure of CNC (HW, SW).

PLC facilities, purpose and programming.

Duality of PLC activities. Open system architecture of a CNC system,

Numerical control of forming machines. Differences between CNC for cutting or forming

machines. Excursion.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Introduction: functional assemblies of NC machines and their connection

?Design, kinematics, configuration

?Feed drives, control (regulation)

?Control system, PLC

?HMI, communication


2.Principle of NC control

?Connection to machine drives and machine kinematics


?Interpretation, interpolation

?Advanced control system functions


?Laboratory tasks to be performed on CNC machines

3.Principle of PLC

?Connection to NC

?Principles of programming

?PLC application, laboratory tasks to be performed on CNC machines

4.Setting up of machine parameters

?Drive tuning



?3D simulation models of machines with a control system emulator

?An example of a model with a control system emulator in NX

?Demonstration of a comparison of a simulation and real machining

Study Objective:

Student should gain a basic knowledge in NC-programming and CAD-CAM programming as well. He also becomes familiar with properties and inner structure of CNC systems.

Study materials:

1/ content of lectures and exercises

2/ presentations and support available at http://web.rcmt.cvut.cz/users/cerny/

3/ any other relevant material

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