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17PBFNRFA Z,ZK 3 1P+1C Czech
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Department of Health Care Disciplines and Population Protection

Physiology of muscles. Muscle contractions, types of muscle contractions. Peripheral nerve physiology - the medulla. Locomotor functions of the cephalic trunk. Cerebellum, BG, cerebral cortex. Motor cortex. Physiology of receptors. Vestibular apparatus and its function. Physiology of the autonomic nervous system.



Active participation in seminars - 100%

processing and defense seminar paper on a topic that the student chooses at the beginning of the semester according to offer

passing the final test with a success rate above 80%


1st Without obtaining the credit can not pass the exam.

2nd The test consists of a written test, which is a form

multiple-choice, where one answer is always the most correct (in

issues of EMG can be multiple answers)

Reviews written test (questions number 43, the maximum number

Points - PB - 43 points, min. PB 29 points, time limit 40 minutes (return to questions possible)

43 => PB => 4170 points in the overall evaluation of the course

40 => PB => 3857 - -

37 => PB => 3544 - -

34 => PB => 3231 - -

31 => PB => 2920 - -

29> PB 0 points for an overall evaluation of the course

Overall rating of the course:

1st See the ECTS grading scale. However, 100 points is

distributed between the different parts as follows: 30 points

obtained a maximum of 70 credit points for successfully completed a test.

2nd Minimum of points is 50, ie. That 30 per credit and

20 per test.

Syllabus of lectures:

Physiology of muscle contractions.

Muscle force in the course of the life.

Types of contractions and effects on

the muscle, the use in kinesiotherapy. Muscle fatigue

Basic reflex processes and their

disorders. Receptors

Elasticity and other disorders of the

muscle tone, procedures for their


Function of peripheral nerve and its


Cerebellum and postural system

Basal ganglia, brain cortex

Pain and its therapy

Function of the vegetative nervous

system and most common disorders

Principle of motor learning

Syllabus of tutorials:

Presentation of seminar papers given students. The last exercise in writing semester credit test. Consultation issues lectures.

Topics of bachelor thesis

Alzheimer's disease

Parkinson's disease

Third multiple sclerosis

Guillaune-Barré syndrome

Cerebral palsy

Infantile paralysis

Huntington's chorea


Bacterial meningitis

Viral meningitis

Tick-borne meningoencephalitis

Lyme borreliosis

Herpes zoster

Myasthenia gravis

Duschenova and Becker dystrophy

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis


Subarachnoideální bleeding

Epidural hemorrhage

Pituitary tumors

Study Objective:


to master basic knowledge within the subject to the extent necessary for the performance of the profession in the branch physiotherapist.

Study materials:

[1] Králícek, P.: Uvod do speciální neurofyziologie. Praha, Karolinum 2002

[2] Myslivecek, J.: Základy neuroved. Praha, Triton 2003

[3] Trojan, S. a kol.: Lékarská fyziologie. Praha, Grada 2002

[4] Rokyta, R.: Fyziologie pro bakalárská studia. Praha, ISV 2000

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