Civil Engineering in Developing Countries 2

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Jan Tilinger
Jan Tilinger
Jan Tilinger
Department of Architectural Engineering

Organizations that work in developing or climatically different countries have to deal with a shortage of civil engineers and professionals able to work in environments that are completely different in terms of culture, climate and social and economic arrangements. The course aims to offer students basic information about the specifics of work in these regions.


Basic knowledge of building design

Syllabus of lectures:

Specifics of construction approaches in developing countries

Focusing especially on a different climate, on the use of procedures, materials and organizational approaches

Factors different from the standards in the Czech Republic (e.g. seismic activity, tsunami, animals, insects, monsoons, absence of utility networks, etc.).

The specifics of work in developing countries, climatology, safety and health protection, and technical aspects of project preparation and organization.

The subject is very multidisciplinary and will include lectures by experts from various fields and experts from practice.

Syllabus of tutorials:

As part of the practical part, students will prepare their own design project in groups.

Study Objective:

The course aims to offer basic information about the specifics of working in developing regions to students.

Study materials:

1.The Barefoot Architect - Johan van Lengen

2. Engineering in Emergencies: A Practical Guide for Relief Workers - Jan Davis & Robert Lambert

3. Earth Construction Handbook: The Building Material Earth in Modern Architecture - Gernot Minke

4. Building with Earth: Design and Technology of a Sustainable Architecture - Gernot Minke

5. Bamboo: The Gift of the Gods - Oscar Hidalgo-Lopez

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