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Advanced methods of diagnostics and correction of vision

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17DBPMDZ ZK 5 2P Czech
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Jiří Novák
Jiří Novák
Department of Natural Sciences

The course is focused on principles of modeling, design and application of modern methods for diagnostics and correction of vision.


Teaching is performed in the form of the controlled self-study with regular consultations. Except for the examination the student is required to write an extra study on a given topic.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Basic characteristics of optical system of the eye and visual system. 2. Characteristics of retinal image quality and their correlation with the visual quality. 3. Present methods and trends of measurement and analysis of aberrations and refractive errors. 4. Applications of aberrometry. Analysis of refractive errors. 5. Possibilities of complex analysis of cornea, anterior segment of eye and ocular lens. 6. Modern technologies and trends of diagnostics of posterior segment and retina. 7. Application of aberrometry and eye parameters in design of ophthalmic correction tools and in refractive surgery. 8. Liquid crystals, displays, aspherical and diffractive optics for ophthalmic optics. 9. Presbyopia and its correction. Retinal image, aniseikonia. 10. Adaptive and active optical elements and systems in vision science. 11. Analysis of discomfort of contact lenses. Tribology of contact lenses. 12. Modern displays and imaging systems for diagnostics and correction of vision. 13. „Smart“ correction and diagnostic lenses, tools and instruments. 14. Present technologies and trends of development of ophthalmic correction tools and artificial replacement of individual parts of eye.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:
Study materials:

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