Electric Drive for Automation and Robotics

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Department of Electric Drives and Traction

The course gives a brief overview of basic types of electric drives. It deals with drives with DC, asynchronous, synchronous and special motors including power electronic converters.Another topics include control strategies such as scalar, vector, direct, sensorless control of AC drives, pulse width modulation strategies and various load types. It is focused on understanding the physical nature of a given type of drive, general derivation of basic differential equations describing transient and steady states, and creating corresponding mathematical models of analyzed systems suitable for both off-line simulation and online-adapted dynamic and real-time control using the basis of modern microprocessor technology. Problems of operating states, sensors and diagnostics of electric drives are also discussed. Basic knowledge of mathematics, mechanics, kinematics, dynamics, theory of electromagnetic field, circuit theory and control theory are assumed.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Energy sources, batteries and accumulators, solar batteries, fuel cells, materials used in electric drives

2. DC drives for automation - DC - commutator with self-supporting winding

3. Electronically commutated drives for automation - EC

4. Asynchronous multiphase cage motor - ASM

5. Universal serial engine - mass use

6. Stepper, reluctance motor, Linear electric drives in automation - principle and control

7. Mathematical model of BLDC motor

8. Drive kinematics

9. Drive control

10. Drive control

11. Drive control

12. Drive control

13. Drive control

14. Drive control

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Measurement on MAXON drives - setting of current, speed and position controller - digital control

2. Measurement of basic parameters of DC motor - mathematical model Ra, La …….

3. Measurement of DC motor start-up - comparison of real measurement with model in MatLab

4. Measurement of asynchronous motor - type test - automated system NI - PXI

5. Linear drive - motion trajectory setting, stepper motor - working characteristics

6. Drive control using PLC system - DC motor, AM asynchronous motor

7. Real application STM32 Nucleo - BLDC servo drive control

8. Modeling of servomotors in MATLAB -

9. Assignment of individual work

10. individual work

11. individual work

12. individual work

13. individual work

14. Homework control - credit

Study Objective:
Study materials:

1. Dr. Urs Kafader - Selection of high-precision microdrives CH-6072 Sachsen / Switzerland 2006 ISBN 3-9520143

2. Maxon motor ag - Magnetism - Basics, Forces, Applications CH-6072 Sachsen / Switzerland 2008 ISBN 978-3-9520143-5- 6

3. Dr. Otto Stemme, Peter Wolf, - Principles and Properties of Highly Dynamic DC Miniature Motors - Interelectric AG, CH- 6072 Sachsen / Switzerland 1994

4. Formulae Handbook, Jan Braun, maxon Academy, Sachseln 2012

5. Francis H. Raven - Automatic Control Engineering, McGraw-Hill, Inc. ISBN 0-07-051341-4, 1995

6. Elektrické stroje – Teoria a príklady – V.Hrabovcová, P.Rafajdus – Žilina 2009 ISBN 978-80-554-0101-0

7. Moderné alaktrické stroje – V.Hrabovcová, P.Rafajdus – Žilina 2009 ISBN 978-80-554-0101-0

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