Multimedia and Computer Animation

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BE4M39MMA Z,ZK 6 2P+2L English
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It is not possible to register for the course BE4M39MMA if the student is concurrently registered for or has previously completed the course B4M39MMA (mutually exclusive courses).
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Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction

The course is focused on methods often applied in the area of computer animation. Studens will get an overview of algorithms and methods solving typical problems of 3D animation (inverse kinematics, animation of human body, dynamics, etc.). Part of the course is devoted to principles used during creative work with sound. The last part of lectures will give information about methods and technologies used in movie production (MOCAP, stereoscopy, visual effects).


Basic knowledge of C++ programming language.

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Syllabus of lectures:

1. Course overview, Inverse kinematics.

2. Dynamics, particle systems.

3. Fluid dynamics in computer animation.

4. Facial animation.

5. Animation of Cloth.

6. Animation of crowds.

7. Physical basics of acoustics.

8. Sound processing.

9. Creating and editing electronic music.

10. Motion capture systems.

11. Visual effects in movie production.

12. Lighting, keying, video composition, video registration, DVD technologies.

13. Stereoscopy

14. Reservation

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Overview of the course and projects.

2.Consultations to projects.

3.Consultations to projects.

4.The first check point - overview of known solutions.

5.Consultations to projects.

6.The second check point - a method suggestion.

7.Consultations to projects.

8.The third check point - implementation.

9.Consultations to projects.

10.The fourth check point - testing.

11.Consultations to projects.

12.The fifth checkpoint - preparation of documentation.

13.Presentations to projects.


Study Objective:

The goal of the course is to give information about methods solving typical problems in computer animation area, virtual reality and movie production. The course is focused to give theoretical background of methods used in these areas and to give students possibility to experimentally verify the discussed techniques.

Study materials:

1. Taylor, J. DVD Demystified. McGraw-Hill Professional, 2000. ISBN 0071350268.

2. Watt, A., Watt, M. Advanced Animation and Rendering

Techniques. Addison-Wesley Professional, 1992. ISBN 0201544121.

3. Feynman, R. P. Feynman's Lectures on

Physics. http://www.feynmanlectures.info/

4. Weil, J. The Synthesis of Cloth Objects Proceedings of the Siggraph 1986, volume 20(4), pages 49-53

5. Žára, J., Beneš, B., Felkel, P. The Modern Computer Graphics, Computer Press, 1998, (in Czech)

6. Badler, N. and Zeltzer, D. Making Them Move - Mechanics Control and Animation of Articulated Figures, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 1991

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