Actuators and Low Power Machines

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BD0B14AMS Z,ZK 5 14KP+6KL Czech
Department of Electric Drives and Traction

Principle, philosophy and characteristics actuator and small electrical machine used to drive native appliances, tackle, mechanic computers, recording and tape deck sound and visual techniques, servo - motors in automation engineering and in of other regions collective setting

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Principles small electrical machine - basic mathematical terms

2.Permanent magnet in electric three sorts of - materials, print

3.Equable machinery with permanent magnet

4.General-purpose motor - construction and his using

5.Speed control and electromagnetic compatibility general-purpose motor

6.Induction motor on uniphase net, option condenser, asynchronous servo - motors

7.Equable drives for automatization - commutator pitch with self - contained winding with electric commutation

8.CU motors with strobe like wattage step PWM

9.Basic characteristics CU rate DC and EC

10.Proposal driving troop with by selection gear - box, sense organ turns and control section

11.Linear electric drive in automatization - principles and drive

12.Servos with permanent magnet, microserva and driving troop remote - controll mock - ups

13.Elektropohony in computer technology - from ventilator to disk drive

14.Mikromotory and nanomotory, piezomotory, electrostatic motors, locomotion

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Briefing about labour protection, organization exercising - laboratories

2.Determination parameters mock - up general-purpose motor metering

3.Metering characteristics general-purpose motor

4.Metering two - phase induction motor with condenser

5.Speed control induction motor frequency transducer, harmonic analyze

6.Metering operational characteristics stepper

7.Metering on drives MAXON - setting current regulator, turns and position

8.Metering on drives MAXON characteristics start

9.Drive after interface RS- 232 and CAN - cooperation vice drives

10.Linear drive - setting orbit movement

11.Servo with permanent magnet - steeples speed control and position

12.Drive servos by the help of PLC - system - model railway

13.Drives for remote - control mock - up - microserva

14.Drive corves type LEGO MINDSTORMS - Next Mindstorms NTX - inclusion

Study Objective:
Study materials:

1.Dr. Urs Kafader - Selection of high-precision microdrives CH-6072 Sachsen / Switzerland 2006 ISBN 3-9520143-4-6

2.Maxon motor ag - Magnetism - Basics, Forces, Applications CH-6072 Sachsen / Switzerland 2008 ISBN 978-3-9520143-5-6

3.Dr. Otto Stemme, Peter Wolf, - Principles and Properties of Highly Dynamic DC Miniature Motors - Interelectric AG, CH-6072 Sachsen / Switzerland 1994

4.Francis H. Raven - Automatic Control Engineering, McGraw-Hill, Inc. ISBN 0-07-051341-4, 1995

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