Electric Drives and Traction

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Department of Electric Drives and Traction

The course focuses on the principles of designing electric drives with AC motors in different ways and different types of load, reliability, design for explosive environments and for special purposes and the necessary technical documentation. Students learn the basics of electric traction drives for trams in public transport systems, electric locomotives, as well as the systems of hybrid cars and electric vehicles.


Conditions for obtaining the credit: attendance according to the study rules, active participation in seminars, submission of protocols from laboratory tasks, approval of protocols from laboratory tasks by the teacher.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Sizing and design of drives with asynchronous motors.

2. Sizing of drives with asynchronous motors fed by the frequency converter.

3. Drives with a fan characteristic.

4. Electric drives in explosive environments.

5. Reliability of electrical drives.

6. Electric actuators for special purposes.

7. Technical documentation.

8. Mobility in society and its energy consequences.

9. Hybridization and electrification drive cars.

10. Systems of hybrid cars.

11. Electrovehicles.

12. Trams in public transport.

13. Electric locomotives.

14. Reserve.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introduction, occupational safety

2. Dimensioning of drives with induction machines

3. Mathematical model of a DC machine - deriving

4. Mathematical model of a DC machine - realization

5. Mathematical model of a DC machine - influence of parameters changing

6. Control loops of a DC motor

7. Mathematical model of an induction machine

8. Field oriented control of an induction motor ? introduction

9. Field oriented control of an induction motor ? model

10. Field oriented control vs. scalar control of an induction motor, influence of parameters changing

11. Traction drive - simulation 1

12. Traction drive - simulation 2

13. Traction drive - simulation 3

14. Reports checking

Study Objective:
Study materials:

[1] CHIASSON, John Nelson. Modeling and high performance control of electric machines. Hoboken: Wiley, 2005. ISBN 0-471-68449-X.

[2] LEONHARD, Werner. Control of electrical drives. 3rd ed. Berlin: Springer, 2001. xviii, 460 s. ISBN 3-540-41820-2.

[3] IWNICKI, S., ed. Handbook of railway vehicle dynamics. Boca Raton: CRC/Taylor & Francis, 2006. 535 s. ISBN 0-8493-3321-0.

[4] www.mathworks.com

[5] OGUNSOLA, Ade a Andrea MARISCOTTI. Electromagnetic compatibility in railways: analysis and management. 1st ed. New York: Springer, 2012. xix, 528 s. Lecture notes in electrical engineering; 168. ISBN 978-3-642-30280-0.

[6] Steimel, A.: Electric Traction-Motive Power and Energy Supply. München, Oldenburg Industrieverlag, 2008.

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