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Advanced Database Systems

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MIE-PDB.16 Z,ZK 5 2P+1C English
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Michal Valenta
Martin Svoboda
Martin Svoboda
Department of Software Engineering

Students will get an overview of SQL application debugging and tuning. They will know the methods for evaluation and optimisation which are common to all DB engines. Students will also have the knowledge necessary to design distributed DB systems. They will understand the area of conceptual design of data warehouses.


The basic knowledge of conceptual data modeling, relational data model, and relational algebra. Good knowledge of SQL (only relational part, on the level of SQL92), especially SELECT statement, DML, and DDL.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Object and object-relational database systems.

2. [2] Object-oriented features of the SQL language, their impact on the schema design.

3. Query evaluation methods in a relational database engine.

4. Query optimization in relational database systems.

5. The other advanced features of the SQL language.

6. Distributed database systems.

7. Integration of data sources.

8. Query evaluation in distributed databases.

9. Architecture of data warehouses.

10. Queries in data warehouses.

11. Modelling and design of data warehouses.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Object-relational database model.

2. [2] Labs - Object-relational database model.

3. Data structures for effective searching in databases.

4. [2] Labs - Query optimization.

5. Distributed database systems.

6. [2] Labs - database replication.

7. Data warehouse modelling.

8. [2] Labs - data warehouse modelling.

Study Objective:

The course provides students with knowledge that enables them to participate in the design of large database systems (relational, object-relational or object-based). The aim of the module is not to teach SQL tuning in a particular DB using a particular tool, but to equip them with knowledge of evaluation and optimization methods. These are in all DB engines practically the same. The module also deals with the problems of distributed DB systems and data warehouses. The ability to properly design and deploy data warehouses in organizations is highly valued.

Study materials:

1. Ramakrishnan, R., Gehrke, J. ''Database Management Systems''. McGraw Hill Higher Education, 2002. ISBN 0071230572.

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