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Enterprise Architectures

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Department of Cybernetics

The course offers an overview of enterprise system architectures, focusing on Spring and Java EE. Students will become familiar with the most common enterprise architectures and related design patterns. In particular, the focus will be put on the principles of inversion control, dependency injection and Java Bean lifecycle. Pairs of students will prepare a simple enterprise application as their semestral work.


The course expects knowledge of Java and relational databases, in particular conceptual/logical modeling, the SQL language and transactional processing. Knowledge of ORM basics is welcome.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Introduction, client-server, multi-tier architecture, Java EE, Servlets

2.Java EE architecture and technologies, Design and architectonic patterns, MVC, DAO

3.Database access, Object-relational mapping, JPA 2.0

4.Spring, DI, modules

5.HTTP, principles of REST

6.Web services, design of REST services

7.Enterprise application security

8.Advanced topics in JPA, Spring

9.Application servers, web sockets

10.Principles of client design for web applications

11.Performance, scalability, high-availability

12.Selected techniques and libraries (Java 8/9/10, application access to non-relational data sources)

13.Enterprise search

14.Practical deployments of enterprise applications - panel discussion

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Labs organization, evaluation rules, semestral work topics, Configuration management in Java EE, Maven, Git

2.Creation and configuration of a project, architecture

3.JPA Modeling 1 - Example

4.Checkpoint 0, JPA Modeling 2 - Excercise


6.Debugging and testing

7.Web services, REST - Example

8.Web services, REST 2 - Excercise, consultation

9.Checkpoint 1

10.Securing enterprise applications

11.Advanced techniques of JPA and Spring, consultation


13.Checkpoint 2

14.Checkpoint 2

Study Objective:

Students will get theoretical and practical skills for independent enterprise application design and development. They will become familiar with common software frameworks and the way how to integrate them.

Study materials:

Walls C.: Spring in Action, Fourth Edition, Manning Publications Company, 2013, ISBN: 9781617291203

Andrew Lee Rubinger, Bill Burke: Enterprise JavaBeans, 6th Edition, O'Reilly Media, 2010

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