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Urban Design and Information Systems

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127UTS Z,ZK 5 2P+2C Czech
Garant předmětu:
Václav Jetel
Jan Cihlář, Marek Janatka, Václav Jetel, František Pospíšil
Marek Janatka, Václav Jetel, František Pospíšil
Department of Urban Design, Town and Regional Planning

In the lectures, the course describes students with current trends in urban design and the use of geographic information systems to process spatial planning tools. In the exercises, students acquire practical skills in processing real tasks that are solved by spatial planners.


Minimum participation in 9 exercises.

Elaboration of all tasks on SW GIS.

Credit test (checking orientation in the use of ESRI GIS desktops).

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Urbanism, territorial planning and information systems - introduction.

2. Development of graphic techniques in spatial planning and general principles of GIS.

3. Urbanism, territorial planning and information systems I. - data models.

4. Urbanism, spatial planning and information systems II. – map documents.

5. Principles of territorial development, creation, standard of the graphic part.

6. Territorial plan and GIS - data models, creation of statement drawings and justification of the territorial plan.

7. Regulatory plan and GIS – tools of spatial and functional regulation.

8. Territorial planning documents and GIS.

9. Urban planning competitions, awarding of public contracts.

10. The role of the city architect.

11. European urban planning documents, modern theory and practice of urban planning.

12. Real estate cadastre.

13. Records of spatial planning activities and public administration information systems.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introduction to GIS.

2. ArcGIS environment - Data integration - data types, saving data to a geodatabase, organizing GIS data, exporting data from a layer to a geodatabase + displaying data.

3. Selection of elements and management of map layers – selection of elements based on their spatial location, creation of a layer from selected elements, display of data using the definition of a subset of data, creation of a group of layers.

4. Assignment of the „architects“ exercise, display of land types + explanation of the method of defining the built-up area.

5. Data visualization – attribute value types, data classification, data normalization, attribute evaluation for setting symbols.

6. Creation and editing of data - map documents for editing, adding point - line - polygon, copying and merging data (VJ).

7. Working with tables and attributes – examining tables and attributes, summarizing tables, editing tables, relationships between tables - connections, sessions.

8. Map creation – map composition, workflow for map sheet creation, map sheet compilation (heading, legend, north, scale, overview map), map sheet export.

9. Describing outputs – rules for describing points, lines and polygons, setting label symbols, setting the scale range for labels and the reference scale. 10. Solving spatial problems in the territory - solving spatial problems, working analytical procedures, spatial data processing (geoprocessing - buffer, clip, intersect, merge, union, spatial join), example of GIS analysis.

11. ÚAP and data models.

12. Creating a database of architects.

13. Summary, credit test.

Study Objective:

The aim of the course is to acquire students' knowledge and experience with the theoretical and practical processing of spatial planning tools through GIS softwares.

Study materials:

!HRŮZA, J. Stavitelé měst. Praha: Agora, 2011.

!TUČEK, J. Geografické informační systémy: principy a praxe. Praha: Computer Press. 1998.

!KOLÁŘ, J. Geografické informační systémy 10. Praha: ČVUT, 2003.

?JANATKA, M. Pravomoc a odpovědnost subjektů suburbanizace. Praha: ČVUT, 2010.

?MAIER, K. (ed.): Urbanistická čítanka 1. Praha: ČKA, 2000.

?MAIER, K. (ed.): Urbanistická čítanka 2. Praha: ČKA, 2003.

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