Architecture and Statics

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133ARST Z,ZK 5 2P+2C Czech
Garant předmětu:
Lukáš Vráblík
Michal Netušil, Lukáš Vráblík
Jan Kubát, Michal Netušil, Vojtěch Stančík, Jan Vesecký, Lukáš Vráblík, Břetislav Židlický
Department of Concrete and Masonry Structures

Design of selected concrete and steel structures with an emphasis on their architectural design. Interrelation between structural and architectural design.


Basic knowledge in the field of concrete and masonry structures acquired during the previous stages of study.

Syllabus of lectures:

13 lectures in total

1. Basic principles of design of concrete structures, development and history of concrete construction.

2. Prestressed concrete, basic specifics, design principles.

3. Basic principles of design of UHPC structures;.

4. Shell and large-span concrete structures.

5.Concrete bridges - design principles, loading, layout.

6. Concrete bridges - structural systems, construction procedures.

7. Introduction, steel structures, products, sustainability of construction, tensioned element + diaphragm and cable-stayed structures, ETFE, stainless steel mesh.

8. Legislation, standards, design methodology for steel structures, use of steel design software.

9. Pressed elements in steel structures, stability. High strength steels in construction - material properties, testing, design.

10. Fire resistance + fire safety of buildings, behaviour of structures in fire, design of OK and DK for fire effects according to EN standards.

11. Wooden footbridges and bridges, history, structural diagrams, examples Durability of wooden structures - types of damage, defects, causes of DK decay, protection, examples, examples.

12. Aluminium structures, stainless steels - manufacture, use, structural alloys, classification, design differences

13. Supporting structures made of glass, glass as a building material.

Syllabus of tutorials:

During the exercise, students perform the design of a selected bridge structure. The timetable of the exercise corresponds directly to the design process of the structure.

Study Objective:

To introduce and enlighten the students of A-specialty on the design process of selected engineering structures. The aim is to create natural links between architecture and structural engineering.

Study materials:

European Steel Construction Society, ECCS - Steel Design Awards 2003 - 2012, www.steelconstruct.com/

Studnička: Steel Structures, CTU, Prague, 2014; Sokol, Wald: Steel Structures, Tables, CTU, Prague, 2012

Studnička: Steel Structures, Standards, CTU, Prague, 2011; Eliášová, Sokol: Steel Structures, Examples, CTU, Prague, 2013

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Michael Seidel, Tensile Surface Structures, A Practical Guide to Cable and Membrane Construction, ISBN 978-3-433-02922-0, Ernst & Sohn, Berlin, Germany (2009).

Wald et al.: Calculation of Fire Resistance of Building Structures, Czech Technical University Publishing House, Prague, 2005, ISBN: 8001031578

Navrátil J.: Prestressed Concrete Structures, Akademické nakladatelství CERM, s.r.o., 2004

Stráský, J.: Betonové mosty, Praha 2001

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