Master Urban Studio 1

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127AMG1 KZ 14 12C Czech
Garant předmětu:
Petr Durdík, Ivan Kaplan, Jiří Kupka
Petr Durdík, Jiří Kupka, Daniel Stojan
Petr Durdík, Karin Dvořáková, Ivan Kaplan, Jiří Kupka, Daniel Stojan
Department of Urban Design, Town and Regional Planning

The first comprehensive design course in urban design as an application of theoretical preparation on a specific territory.

Teaching of surveys and analyses, selection of research, variant preparation, defence and refinement of the design, technical and specific accompaniments, balance and visualization, final presentation at the exhibition.


Attendance at the studio is mandatory in both the morning teaching and afternoon consultation sessions, both of which will always be documented by attendance records.

A minimum of 10 consultations per semester must be attended during studio instruction.

Preparation and presentation of research on similar examples from abroad must be completed

Compulsory presentations and discussions of the proposals must be completed, the dates of which will be

always set in advance. Participation in the presentation does not replace the consultation.


A. Analysis of the project area :

( minimum scope presented at final presentation, partly e.g.

in the portfolio ):

1. Broader relationships ( existing zoning plan, operational and compositional context of the broader area)

2. 2. basic photo documentation of the current state of the environment (2 - 4 photos)

3. problem drawing with integration of all essential information about the territory, values,

problems and other phenomena, older solutions

4. Author's report. Text summary of the analytical part

Other optional : condition diagrams, historical maps, property conditions,

surveys, plans to date, etc.)

B. Variants of the concept:

( minimum scope presented at final presentation , partly e.g.

In the portfolio):

5. Variants of the concept - situation of min. 2 different site layouts,

Priorities of solutions, evaluation of variants

6. research of similar solutions from abroad

Other optional : spatial design schemes, elaborated material

variants, visualizations or working model

C. Site design:

( minimum scope of the submitted urban study) :

7.. Spatial concept of the site - final version - situation 1:1000 (1:1500,

1:2000), with conceptual design scheme

8. Organizational and operational concept of the site - situation 1:2000 ( 1:1500),

9. spatial documentation of the whole site - min. 2 visualizations, axonometry

or perspectives of the whole ensemble, facades of buildings and their creativity are not evaluated, volumetric or material accentuation possible or expected.

10. proposal of regulatory conditions at least on the A3 cut-out of the area under consideration

11. working model - final version

12. author's report: a) Principles of the proposed solution including regulatory conditions

b) Basic balance of the proposal (urban, infrastructure, economic)

Other optional : sections or section views through the territory, partial operational and other

unspecified diagrams, other visualisations,

D. Design of the parterre - selected part of the public space system

( minimum scope of the submitted urban design study)

12. spatial public space situation public space or public space system. 1.500,

1:750) , plastic situation

13. situation with the identification of the elements of the parterre ( 1:500, 1:750, 1:1000), technical situation

14. library of selected elements in the form of a mosaic of visual representations

15. visualisation of the selected detail - min. 2 pcs , of which 1 pcs from the pedestrian horizon

16. author's report for the parterre :a) Design principles for the design of the parterre

Other optional : sections or sectional views through the area, partial operational and other

unspecified diagrams, other visualisations

Note : changes of scale, exceptionally of scale only in agreement with the supervisor and in

in relation to the extent of the area to be covered. Activities beyond the minimum scope can be taken into account as a bonus in the evaluation of the work.

Method of control:

Attendance and especially mandatory presentations, submission and its completeness

Syllabus of lectures:


2 drawings in 70/100 w/v format (posters, including parts of the author's report)

. A3 portfolio of the whole project, incl. CD pdf

. Working model of the final version

. Mandatory forwarding of the electronic version of the project to :

http://www.uzemi.eu/ . for the purposes of the K 127 website .

The file will be labelled : AMG12022 first and last name , task name ,

Principal Consultant, Poster 1(2)

and will include:

- posted 2 posters in pdf format, each 3-6 MB in size

No credit can be awarded for KOS without the required materials being forwarded by 4 p.m. on the day of submission

Syllabus of tutorials:

Schedule :- assumption (subject to change):

A primarily morning program and regular afternoon consultations and multiple sessions are anticipated.

If changes are needed due to weather, exhibition or out of town visitors, these will be announced in the previous studio or by mass email

ATELIER PROGRAMME morning afternoon


Week 1: Introduction, task selection, handouts, topic finalization, walking survey.

P+R procedure and research selection (Kaplan)

Week 2: research on the topic, presentation by students (Kaplan, Durdík) P+R consultation

Week 3: procedure for preparation of working model ( Stojan, Dvořáková) consultation of var.schematics

Week 4: P+R, first variants, presentation by students (Durdík, Kaplan,) consultation of variants

Week 5: walk ( Kučera, Kaplan, Kořalka) consultation of variants, model

Week 6: evaluation of variants, presentation ( Kaplan, Durdík) consultation of the final version

Week 7: block of specialists parterre, landscape (Vondráčková,Hendrych) consultation of structure

Week 8: walk ( Kaplan) consultation of VP schemes

Week 9: block of specialists technicians. and economics ( Soukeník,Jetel) consultation of VP variants

Week 10: communication with the client, opponent, consultation of the final VP


Week 12: procedure for preparation of visualizations (Stojan, Dvořáková) consultation of balances and VP

Week 13: reserve consultation of everything

Documentation will be handed in :

eventual clarification of the date according to the possibility of exhibition of works will be communicated no later than the end of classes in the winter semester.

Study Objective:

Atelier as a workshop for discussion and acquisition of appropriate working practices in designing..

Introducing the student to the specialization, to the design of specific urban tasks in constant contact with teachers and in permanent discussion and confrontation with other students..

The urban study has 2 objectives. The first is to propose a concept for the development or even redevelopment of a part of a specific city or town, the second is to propose the spatial vision and character of one or a system of public spaces.

These tend to be sites (or larger urban ensembles) within and outside the built-up area that have a housing component. The emphasis is on complementing the structure and volumes of development and designing the composition and differentiation of public spaces,

The selection of themes from the Czech Republic and abroad, themes offered by K 127 and free themes ( brought by students, competitions, workshops) while fulfilling the necessary framework and conditions of the project assignment. Team work and common themes are not excluded, but each author will always be evaluated for his/her design area or variant.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Study materials:

Basic literature:

Building Act

Prague Building Regulations -IPR

Manual of Public Spaces

Recommended literature and activities:

Periodical and non-periodical press with architectural/urban issues

Monitoring the results of urban planning competitions in the Czech Republic and abroad

Exhibitions and lectures of prominent architects

Visits to new urban complexes and public revitalization projects

of new developments and revitalizations in Czech cities

Study trips to min. European examples

Foreign translations available:

Gehl Jan, Benzoe Lars - New Urban Spaces- ERA, Brno, 2002

Lynch Kevin - Obraz města - Polygon, Prague, 2004

Krier Leon - Architecture, Choice or Destiny - Academia 2001

Gehl Jan - Life between buildings - shaping public spaces, ERA, Brno,


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Time-table for winter semester 2023/2024:

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Thákurova 7 (budova FSv)
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