Urban Planning and Public Infrastructure

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127UVI ZK 5 4P Czech
Garant předmětu:
Ivan Kaplan
Jan Cihlář, Václav Jetel, Ivan Kaplan, Vojtěch Kořalka
Department of Urban Design, Town and Regional Planning

As part of the lectures, the listener will learn about the basic activities and skills of a city engineer, city architect, urban planner and spatial planner in the field of public infrastructure, which is central to the processing of spatial planning tools according to the Building Act. For these purposes, the lectures are based on interpretation combined with a professional description of individual components of public infrastructure: transport infrastructure, technical infrastructure, civic equipment and public spaces.


Registration for the exam is not limited or conditional.

Exam: test (min. 50% points) + oral examination.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Concept of transport infrastructure and public spaces, concept of technical infrastructure in urban planning and spatial planning.

2. Lines and constructions and technical equipment related to them operationally, e.g. water mains, reservoirs, sewers, waste water treatment plants.

3. Buildings to reduce the risk of natural disasters or other disasters, buildings and facilities for waste management.

4. Substations, energy lines, communication lines of the public communication network and electronic communication equipment of the public communication network, product pipelines.

5. Concept of civil equipment.

6. System concept of regional planning: landscape structure, components, connections.

7. Quality of life in relation to the seat and the region.

8. Regional and residential development of the Czech Republic in the European and global context.

9. Prevention of the decline of settlements and regions and environmental degradation.

10. Municipal engineering.

11. Urban economy and efficiency of settlement systems.

12. Regional development, regional policy, territorial stability, renewal of settlements and landscape.

13. Implementation of strategic goals for the development of settlements and regions.

Syllabus of tutorials:

The course does not include exercises.

Study Objective:

Acquisition of basic knowledge in the field of public infrastructure. Orientation in the legislative environment and standard requirements as part of the processing of the concept of public infrastructure during spatial planning activities.

Study materials:

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