Foundation Engineering and Underground Structures

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135ZPS Z,ZK 6 3P+2C Czech
Garant předmětu:
Jan Pruška
Matouš Hilar, Jan Pruška, Jiří Svoboda
Alexandr Butovič, Linda Černá Vydrová, Matouš Hilar, Jan Pruška, Jiří Svoboda
Department of Geotechnics

In this course, students will gain knowledge about the design of flat and deep foundations, the determination of the stability of earth slopes and the basic design elements of underground structures and basic methods for the design and assessment of underground structures. Students will be introduced to geotechnical investigations and the influence of geology on the alignment of underground structures, rock classifications for underground structures, an introduction to the theory of rock pressures, and tunneling methods. The course also covers fire safety issues and road tunnel operations.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Properties of rock and soil environment, classification of soils and rocks, IG survey

2. Geotechnical risk, control monitoring, consideration of risk in design according to Eurocode 7

3.Surface foundations - stability and bearing capacity conditions, settlement and deformation of foundations, examples of accidents

4.Deep foundations - load transfer function, types and technology of deep foundations, examples of failures

5.Construction pits - types of construction pits, slope gradients, stability of the pit bottom, deformation of walls and surrounding objects

6. Introduction to underground structures and their specifics, technology of construction of underground works

7. construction risks, legislative and risk analysis, crisis management, safety policy

8.Mandatory tunnel equipment, operational and administrative documentation, emergency planning, evacuation of persons

9.Operational conditions, excesses, safety documentation

10.Tunnel fire protection, fire in tunnel vs open space, HRR curves

11.Fire detection in tunnel, ventilation of underground works - operational, emergency, People and fire, human behaviour in tunnels, safety in tunnels

12. Smoke propagation and stratification, TP 98 ventilation in fire, protective measures

13. Final summary of the issues, current issues.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Calculation of vertical total, effective and pore stresses from the ground surface to the base

2.Design of foundation dimensions for internal piers of a statically indeterminate reinforced concrete structure according to Eurocode 1997-1

3. Design of the unbraced shear wall

4. Evaluation of uniaxial rock loading test

5. Determination of the load path and internal forces in a rectangular collector

6. Design of a cross-section through an embossed road tunnel constructed using NRTM

7. determination of ventilation for the tunnel

8. determination of HRR for the tunnel

9. Calculation of critical CO2 dose for underground structures

Study Objective:

The aim of the study is to gain basic knowledge of the design of flat and deep foundations, earth slopes, underground structures and fire safety of tunnels. This knowledge is then applied to the basic design of selected geotechnical structures or their elements. For tunnels, the design fundamentals are expanded to include fire safety and road tunnel operations.

Study materials:

World road association - https://www.piarc.org/en/

ITA-AITES portal - https://www.ita-aites.org/

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