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Fire Repression and Environment

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124PRZP Z,ZK 6 3P+2C Czech
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Department of Architectural Engineering

The subject is divided into 2 thematically related parts, namely fire repression and the environment. In the fire repression section, students will get to know the organizational structure and legislation in the field of fire protection in the Czech Republic. The focus of the topic lies in the interpretation of the connections between the fire design of buildings on the one hand and the repressive activities of fire protection units when dealing with emergency and crisis events on the other. From the point of view of fire intervention, the issues of the basics of fire tactics, development and fire parameters, fire technical characteristics of flammable substances, calculation of forces and means, extinguishing agents are discussed. In connection with operation in buildings, activities with various fire hazards and corresponding conditions for fire fighting are defined. In the environment section, students will get to know the components of the environment, basic concepts and relationships, and also the safety risks in the components of the environment. As part of the exercises, the issue is supplemented by excursions to various water treatment facilities.



Syllabus of lectures:

Lecture 1: Combustion process, fire phases

Lecture 2: Introduction to extinguishing agents

Lecture 3: Introduction to fire tactics

Lecture 4: Firefighting equipment

Lecture 5: Time and surface fire parameters, personell and equipment calculations

Lecture 6: Fire fighting documentation

Lecture 7: Equipment for fire fighting

Lecture 8: Fire technical characteristics

Lecture 9: Discussion, photos, video of intervention activities (fire protection units)

Lecture 10: Introduction, Components of the environment, basic concepts and relationships

Lecture 11: Safety risks in environmental components

Syllabus of tutorials:

Introduction to exercises, assignments, work in pairs, templates,

Explanation: Fire risk assessment + Determination in the category of activities with increased fire risk or with high fire risk

Student presentation: Fire risk assessment + determination

Explanation: Fire Order + Fire Alarm Guidelines

Student presentation: Fire Order + Fire Alarm Guidelines

Explanation: Fire evacuation plan

Presentation: Fire evacuation plan

Presentation: Firefighting documentation

Calculations: Fire water supply - high-rise buildings, pumps, hose lines, pumping, etc

Study Objective:

The aim of the course is to acquaint students with the principles of fire suppression, equipment and tactics of rescue services so that they are able to reflect it in the project solution of fire safety. Students will also familiarize themselves with the processed fire protection documentation according to the applicable legislation.

Study materials:

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?Zákon č. 133/1985 Sb., o požární ochraně v aktuálním znění

:Vyhláška č. 246/2001 Sb., o stanovení podmínek požární bezpečnosti a výkonu státního požárního dozoru

:Zákony a vyhlášky dostupné online: https://www.zakonyprolidi.cz

:SMITH, Hugh O. Fire brigades (United Kingdom): their constitution, rights, and responsibilities. Second. Birmingham: Whitmore & Co, 1907.

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