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Fundamentals of Innovative Entrepreneurship

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126YZP Z,ZK 5 2P+2C Czech
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Dana Měšťanová
Dana Měšťanová
Dana Měšťanová
Department of Construction Management and Economics

Basic concepts of innovative business, technology transfer and science and technology parks; the innovation process and the role of the tools that influence it; principles of innovation management in the enterprise, application of innovation rules; Innovative Infrastructure System of the Czech Republic; the role of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, VaVaI programs; protection of industrial property; Office of Industrial Property; BIM objectives in the construction industry and the importance of Industry 4.0; state of the VaVaI legislation; EU operational programs.

Cyber revolution CZ; the Central European platform for digital innovations CEEInno and Czech digital innovation hubs.


Conditions for the exam: Obtaining credit from the exercise

Knowledge in the scope of lectures and also incl. introductory knowledge from already discussed and directly related subjects in the bachelor's study

Syllabus of lectures:

Basic concepts, innovation process and factors, designing innovative business

Theory of innovation, innovation rules, application of innovation rules, examples

Laws of the innovation process and the role of tools that influence it

Innovative infrastructure of the Czech Republic, innovative potential of the Czech Republic, system of innovative business in the Czech Republic

Science and technology parks - basic types, network in the Czech Republic, electronic catalog, accreditation

Principles of innovation management in the company, the context of the innovation process and the investment process

Technology transfer, forms of transfer, Transfers CZ

International cooperation in research, development and innovation, INTER-EXCELLENCE Program

International organizations in the field of R&D, industry and trade ICSTI, ICC, TII, WTO

Marketing innovation. Competition for the Innovation of the Year Award - results in the construction industry

Protection of industrial property. Forms of protection in the construction industry, the role of the ÚPV

The role of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Industry 4.0

Cyber ​​revolution CZ, Central European platform for digital innovations CEEInno and Czech digital innovation hubs

Syllabus of tutorials:

To examine the activities of companies operating within the construction industry from the point of view of innovative approaches. Present one new product or technology separately in power-point (the purpose is to become familiar with these beyond the scope of teaching a subject focused on building materials). Prepare a project of an innovative product (product, technological process, service) - using the findings of ad 1 and agreed procedures, especially the students' oral presentation. Using the tools of the industrial research and development support program of the Ministry of Industry and Trade - Innovation for practice. Project consultation within project teams; the possibility of preparing an individual project of a technological process; experience of an innovative company. Work with the materials provided. Defend your project. The condition of 75 percent participation in the exercise is required for credit.

Study Objective:

To acquaint students with approaches to innovative engineering. Orientation of the student in the system of innovative business in the Czech Republic, in innovation infrastructure, in regional innovation strategies. Understanding - what is an innovation (process, product; technical, organizational, financial, business, etc.) and what are the methodologies for evaluating innovations. The innovation process means to invent - produce - sell. An innovative product is understood as a product, procedure, service. Innovation potential, which is the sum of the abilities and results of the participants in the innovation process - inputs, outputs. An innovative company that has as its object of activity an innovative business. This innovation business is a set of activities aimed at innovation. Innovations are also in the field of marketing - we talk about innovation marketing. Transfer of technology is necessary for the application of research. Industrial property protection, basic forms, tasks of the Industrial Property Office. Science and technology park – as a science park or center, technology park, business and innovation center. Hierarchy of documents in the field of research, development and innovation (world, EU, Czech Republic). Getting to know the role of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and R&D programs; BIM in the construction industry. Industry 4.0, Cyber ​​Revolution CZ. Explain to students the legislative support and conditions for quality preparation and implementation of the innovation process incl. own preparation of the innovative product project proposal (with examples in the construction industry).

Study materials:

[1] P. Švejda a kol.: Inovace a technologie v rozvoji regionů, AIP ČR 2010, ISBN 978-80-87305-04-1

[2] P. Švejda a kol.: Vědeckotechnické parky v ČR, SVTP ČR 2019, ISBN 978-80-903846-3-7

[3] Časopis Inovační podnikání a transfer technologií, ISSN 12104612 (vybraná čísla; vydává AIP ČR od roku 1993)

[4] www.aipcr.cz

[5] www.techprofil.cz

[6] www.svtp.c

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