Small Business Management

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Jana Frková, Olga Heralová
Jana Frková, Olga Heralová
Jana Frková, Olga Heralová
Department of Construction Management and Economics

The subject is divided into lectures and exercises of two hours per week. Lectures take place according to the course outline listed below. In the exercise, students prepare their own business plan for a selected business activity according to the specified syllabus. They draw up a plan for a start-up business. Entrepreneurship can take the form of both: an self-employed or a legal entity, e.g. Ltd. The financial plan is prepared in Excel, and the credit condition is the presentation of the business plan in power point in front of the auditorium.


Recommended attendance at lectures with a maximum of 2 absences, mandatory attendance at exercises. Submission of the business plan in the prescribed period, prescribed scope and its presentation. Continuous correction of work and control during the course. The above-mentioned requirements are necessary conditions for successful completion of the subject

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Modern history of business in the Czech Republic. Business environment in the Czech Republic, comparison with other countries.

2. Personality of the entrepreneur. Motivation and decision-making for business. Three roles of an entrepreneur.

3. The life cycle of a small business. Mortality of small firms, analysis of causes.

4. Business model, rules of the functional model and its construction.

5. Specifics of small business - threats and opportunities on the market.

6. Small business financing sources.

7. Forms of business - natural person, legal person. Advantages and disadvantages.

8. Procedure for drawing up a business plan - content of individual chapters.

9. Intuitive marketing, Online marketing. Successful entrepreneurs and the secret of success.

10. The art of management and communication with employees.

11. Business and taxes - tax minimum.

12. Social and health insurance of the entrepreneur.

13. Contractual relations.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. An introductory brief business plan for a transport business using the Cost Function and the Break-Even Point. Assignment.

2. to 4. Presentation of entered business plans in traffic in front of the audience and handing over.

5. Submission of a business plan according to one's own choice of activity, approval of the choice by the teacher.

6. to 9. Successive presentations of individual chapters of the business plan.

10 to 13. Final presentation of the business plan in ppt. including a financial plan

Study Objective:

The aim of the subject is to provide practical information necessary for the performance of independent business activities, to further support and develop entrepreneurial thinking among students.

Study materials:

Srpová, J. a kol. Začínáme podnikat. Praha: Grada, 2020. ISBN 978-80-271-1528-0.

Vlach, R.: Na volné noze - Podnikejte jako profesionálové. Jan Melvil Publishing 2017, ISBN: 978-80-7555-015-6.

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Michael E. Gerber: Podnikatelský mýtus. Incommunity, 2011, EAN: 9788087524039

Barow, C., Burke, G., Molian D., Brown, R.: Enterprise Development: The Challenges of Starting, Growing and Selling Businesses. Thomson, 2005, ISBN: 18-6152-989-9.

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