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Hydrobiology, hydrochemistry and sanitary engineering

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144HHZI Z,ZK 6 4P+2C Czech
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Department of Urban Water Management

Hydrochemistry: Chemical composition of water. Dissolved and particular matters. Metals, halogens. Nitrogen, sulphur and phosphorous compounds. Non-electrolytes. Organic matter. Self-purification. Eutrophication.

Hydrobiology: Types of natural waters. Ecology of aquatic organisms. Hydrobiology of surface, drinking and waste waters.

Water distribution system: Water sources. Systems of water purification. Water distribution system

Sewer system: Wastewater. Shapes and sizes of the sewers. Types of sewerage networks. Sewerage objects. Combined sewer overflows. Environmental protection

Waste water treatment plant: domestic wastewater treatment plant. Wastewater treatment plant. mechanical cleaning. Biological treatment. Removal of nitrogen and phosphorus. Sludge


obligatory attendance in Excercises, final test

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Hydrobiology - introduction

2. Hydrobiology of running waters

3. Hydrobiology of standing waters

4. Hydrochemistry -Basic physical and chemical quality of waters

5. Hydrochemistry - Organic substances in waters

6. Hydrochemistry - Inorganic substances in waters

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. analysis of base and acid capacities

2. analysis of Ca, Ca+Mg, ammonia and chlorides

3. analysis of COD, total Fe, nitrites and nitrates

4. basic chemical analysis of water sample and its interpretation according to Czech standards

5. hydrobiology of freshwaters

6. hydrobiology of drinking and wastewaters

Study Objective:

Hydrochemistry: To get acquainted with chemical composition of water and basic analyses.

Hydrobiology: To understand the most important natural processes in waters. To learn basics of hydrobiological methods.

Study materials:

[1] Pitter P.: Hydrochemie. 1999, vydavatelství VSCHT, Praha,

[2] Sládečková A., Sládeček V.: Hydrobiologie. 1995, Vydavatelství ČVUT, [3] Nábělková J., Nekovářová J.: Chemie - chemie životního prostředí (2010), Vydavatelství ČVUT

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