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Practical Training in Inorganic Chemistry

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15ANP Z 4 9 dní Czech

In order to register for the course 15ANP, the student must have successfully completed the course 15LABT in a previous semester.

Garant předmětu:
Vojtěch Kubíček, Václav Tyrpekl
Vojtěch Kubíček, Václav Tyrpekl
Department of Nuclear Chemistry

Basic practical course dealing with synthesis and characterization of inorganic

compounds. Students get practical training in syntheses of inorganic compounds by acid-

base and oxidation-reduction reactions, complex formation reactions and

reactions in melt.


Knowledge of general chemistry on the level of a completed basic university course.

Syllabus of lectures:
Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introduction. An overview of the common laboratory equipment. Ground glassware and its usage. Working with glass.

2. Calculations in chemistry. Concentrations, chemical equations, preparation and mixing of solutions.

3. Safety regulations in chemical laboratories. An overview of risks in labs. First aid after accident in laboratory.

4. Acid-base reactions. Preparation of salts of common inorganic acids in aqueous solutions. Synthesis of salts of polybasic acids. Iso- and hetero-polyacids and salts.

5. Oxidation-reduction reactions. Preparation of elements and compounds containing ions in unusually high or low oxidation states.

6. Complex forming reactions. Synthesis of complex compounds of transition metal elements. Mono- and poly-dentate ligands. Common organic ligands in inorganic complexes.

7. Preparation of elements and compounds at high temperature. Modern inorganic materials for material sciences and physical applications. Low melting alloys.

8. Syntheses in non-aqueous solvents. Preparation of materials in non-aqueous solvents. Differences in the course of chemical reactions in non-aqueous solvents.

In parts 4-8 students also get experience in isolation of inorganic compounds.

9. Lab reports, publication of results.

Study Objective:

The laboratory practice in inorganic chemistry provides the students with the knowledge from the field of synthesi and characterisation of inorganic compounds.

The students will acquire competence to perform independenty synthetic works in inorganic chemistry and to characterise the respektive compounds.

Study materials:

Key literature:

1. Rohovec J.: Textbook of inorganic chemistry, Charles? University Publishing House, Prague 2003 (in Czech)

Recommended literature:

1. Podlaha J., Podlahová J.: Laboratory excercise in preparative inorganic chemistry, Charles? University Publishing House, Prague 1993 (in Czech)

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