Practicum in Linux and Open-source software

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Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering

The course aims to teach students and practice to use of open-source IT tools such as the Linux operating system, Libre Office, object-oriented scripting programming language Python, including work with low-cost hardware (Raspberry Pi, measuring card LabJack). In this course students learn to work in a Linux operating system from the beginning to the pre-intermediate level. Will also learn how to process documents in advanced office suite Libre Office, incl them-making formulas in LaTeX and automatically insert citations using Zotero plug for Libre (for MS Word). Finally, students will learn the basics of programming language Python and try out its use with low-cost hardware.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction to Linux, distributions and the environment, Ubuntu, Linux installation, basic operations.

2. Work with folders and files in Linux, ways of installing programs,

3. more advanced work in Linux, editors gedit, nano, creating an executable script

4. Libre Office and TexMath plugin, citation plugin Zotero (Libre, MS Word).

5. Advanced documents in LibreOffice including mathematical formulas (LaTeX for LibreOffice); comparison and compatibility with MS Office.

6. Working with other toolsof LibreOffice; comparison and compatibility with MS Office.

7. Introduction to LaTeX, work in LaTeX editor online

8. Python scripting language and its libraries (Numpy, Matplotlib), installation, working with editors and IDLEX Spyder

9. Processing of measured data using the library Numpy and graph plotting (Matplotlib, comparison to Matlab)

10. Interactive Python (Python Notebook)

11. Work with low-cost measurement DAQ for PC (Labjack)

12. Raspberry Pi, work in Linux and Python in R-PI.

13. Example of measurement on Raspberry Pi

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