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124KKQ Z,ZK 7 2P+3C Czech
Garant předmětu:
Šárka Šilarová
Hana Gattermayerová, Pavel Kopecký, Šárka Šilarová, Vladimír Žďára
Pavel Kopecký, Šárka Šilarová
Department of Architectural Engineering

In the first part, the subject deals with the complex design of indoor and high-rise buildings, especially the influence of marginal conditions on the choice of material and structural variants and with an emphasis on envelope structures. In the second, more extensive part, the principles of solutions for roofs, perimeter walls, opening fillings and internal completion structures for various types of buildings are clearly discussed.



Syllabus of lectures:

1. Loads in relation to packaging structures - wind load - calculation methodology according to EN, load on facade elements and cladding, snow - specific cases of load - snow overhang, snowshoes, non-force load, extraordinary load

2. Roof construction - functions, terminology, general principles, requirements, shape solutions, material solutions, standards and regulations

3. Flat roofs - structural and physical issues of designing flat roofs, material solutions (coverings, thermal insulation)

4. Flat roofs - design principles, compositional variants (single-skin, light roofs, operating roofs and double-skin roofs)

5. Structural details of single-skin, light, operational and double-skin flat roofs - creation of details

6. Circuit jackets - Contact systems - regulations, requirements, heat transfer coefficient, moisture balance, internal surface temperature, including the design of the anchoring system, Principles of details

7. Physical analysis and specifics of the design of packaging structures - development of standard requirements, possibilities, consequences, risks

8. Perimeter shells - two-shell solution of „heavy“ perimeter constructions, reasons, materials, examples of possible solutions. Principles of details

9. Openings - windows, doors, doors, storefronts - functions and requirements, material options, structural and building-physical connections, standard requirements, especially from a thermal technical and acoustic point of view. Details

10. Internal completion construction - partitions and suspended ceilings - requirements, especially from an acoustic point of view, possible constructions, materials, standard requirements. Details

11. Internal assembly construction - floors - requirements, division, construction options and connections. Acoustics, double floors, sports, industrial, paving. Details

12. Light perimeter casings - familiarization with systems, requirements, material solutions, structural and building physics connections. Systems of modular and frame facades, pre-projected and built-in. Formation of interruption of thermal bridges, principles of details. The problem of overheating of the building. Glazing types and options.

13. Reserve

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Assignment of the 1st task - The load-bearing structure of a multi-storey building or indoor facility

2. Design and assessment of the supporting structure of a multi-storey building or indoor facility (stiffening elements, limit horizontal deformations). Section of the supporting structure - plan and section.

3. Completion of the design of the supporting structure of a multi-storey building or indoor facility. Assignment of the 2nd task – flat roof on the object from task No. 1.

4. Submission 1. Tasks. Design and assessment of the composition of the roof sheathing.

5. Design and assessment of the composition of the roof covering (thermal technology, stability, drainage), Floor plan + section.

6. Details, technical report

7. Submission 2. Tasks. Assignment of task No. 3 - Design and assessment of the perimeter shell (thermal technology, stability).

8. Details, technical report.

9. Selection and installation of hole filling, details and technical report.

10. Design and assessment of two variants of partitions (structural and physical assessment)

11. Design and assessment of two floors (structural and physical assessment)

12. Reserve Submission 3. Tasks.

13. Credit

Study Objective:

The student will be able to perform building physical and structural analysis and design of flat roofs, floors, partitions, envelope wall structures and hole fillings.

Study materials:

Hanzalová - Šilarová: Konstrukce pozemních staveb 40 - Zastřešení. Praha, ČVUT 2005

Bill - Koutský: Konstrukce pozemních staveb. Praha, ČVUT 1991

Fajkoš - Lank - Lanková: Ploché střechy. Brno, VUT 1990

Koutský: Konstrukce pozemních staveb - Zastřešení budov. Praha, ČVUT 1992

Fajkoš: Ploché střechy. Brno, VUT 1997

Firemní literatura

Hanzalová - Šilarová a kol.: Ploché střechy. Praha, IC ČKAIT 2005, ISBN 80-86769-71-2

Chaloupka - Svoboda: Ploché střechy praktický průvodce. Grada Publishing, a. s. 2009.

Fajkoš – Novotný: Střechy – základní konstrukce. Praha, Grada Publishing, a. s. 2003, ISBN 80-247-0681-4.

Novotný – Misar- Šutliak: Hydroizolace plochých střech – poruchy střešních plášťů, Praha, Grada Publishing, a. s. 2014, ISBN 978 - 80-247-5002-6.

Hájek, P. a kolektiv: Pozemní stavitelství II, Učebnice pro střední školy se stavebním zaměřením, Praha, Sobotáes 2022, ISBN 978-80-86817-50-7.

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