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Social Competencies in Project Management

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Institute of Management Studies

Thorough coverage of the latest theory and practice of Knowledge Management, with an integrated interdisciplinary presentation that makes sense of the confusingly wide variety of computer science and business KM perspectives arising simultaneously from artificial intelligence, information systems, and organizational behavior. Solidly covers the „hard“ technical components of computer tools and technology for managing knowledge, without losing sight of the „soft“ management needs and challenges in leveraging knowledge effectively within an organization. Critically evaluates the nature, computer representation, access, and utilization of knowledge versus information within a human context. Essential preparation for managerial, technical, and systems workers alike in today's modern knowledge-based economy.

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Study Objective:

To familiarize the participants with the role and importance of knowledge management and innovation in higher education,

To introduce the strategies and the processes of knowledge management in higher education

To involve the participants in the current discussions and debates on knowledge management processes in higher education

To introduce new arguments on knowledge management in higher education (among them knowledge creation and innovation, networking, trust and entrepreneurial activities in universities) through group discussions, as well as through active participation for developing insights and approaches relevant to local Universities in Iran and the region.

Finally the main goal is to achieve a capacity for the staff with motivation to support appropriate changes towards establishing of knowledge management in higher education system.

Knowledge management processes: Includes all necessary steps and strategies for introducing and anticipating change towards entrepreneurial activities in higher education institutions.

Innovative curriculum & market needs: Aims at the organization of new study programs on the base of an innovative curriculum which enables graduates for innovative starting of activities relevant to them and the society.

Innovation and research commercialization: Innovative research activities as well as commercialization of research findings are required to make practical implementation. Furthermore, research itself should become a business process within the higher education.

Innovation and entrepreneurial university: Entrepreneurial University is the paradigm of University Management our time. As such, they need innovative and creative management in organization of new study programs, in administration, research and teaching.

Network and Networking: Networks and networking are strong instruments for making interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary cooperation within the universities possible.

Entrepreneurship Culture: To achieve the goals concerning entrepreneurial activities in high level, the understanding of the existing culture and the cultural biases play a crucial role.

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