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Crisis Management

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17KBP2KM Z,ZK 4 8P+6C Czech
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Oldřich Volf
Oldřich Volf
Oldřich Volf
Department of Health Care Disciplines and Population Protection

To acquaint students with the history and principles of crisis management procedures, the causes of the crises, the breakdown of the institution of crisis management, with the general principles of forces and means of creating crisis management, the essence of crisis situations, emergency procedures, strategies and information security crisis management. Emphasis is placed on the status of crisis management in public administration and the theoretical bases of crisis situations.


Attendance of seminars on selected topics. Oral examination based on this course.

Syllabus of lectures:

History and scope of crisis management.

Causes of crisis situations and their classification.

The status of crisis management in public administration.

Defining the goals and tasks of crisis management.

The institutional structure for crisis management.

Structure for crisis management in the country.

General principles for the creation of forces and means of crisis management.

Theoretical approach to address crisis situations.

Process of crisis management.

Business management solution.

Crisis strategies and their development.

Crisis Management Information System

Syllabus of tutorials:

Development of views on national defense and protection of citizens and property of the CR.

Analysis of the causes of the crisis.

Relationship management of crisis management and state governance.

Tasks of crisis management at different management levels.

European Union in crisis management.

Legal standards for the CR section of crisis management.

Summary and 1st midterm test.

Analysis of the crisis management phase.

Addressing a simulated example.

Examples of critical strategies.

Software use in the management of crisis management of the CR.

Summary and 2nd credit test

Study Objective:

Students will be briefed in the basic problems of crisis management from the perspective of planning, organizing, and controlling the activities and will have knowledge not only of the emergency legislation, with an emphasis on legislation concerning the IRS and its components, but also critical documentation. They will gain skills in designing and assessing the effectiveness of security measures related to the deployment of IRS in rescue and relief work.

Study materials:

Šimák, L.: Krízový manažment vo verejnej správe, FŠI ŽU, Žilina, 2001

Pinka, B.: Vnitřní bezpečnost a veřejný pořádek v evropském právu, Linde, Praha, 2003

Horák, R. a kol.: Průvodce krizovým managementem pro veřejnou správu, Linde, Praha, 2004

Rektořík, J. a kol.: Krizový management ve veřejné správě, teorie a praxe, Ekopress, s.r.o., Praha, 2004

Recommended Reading:

Právní normy krizového řízení ČR

Antušák, E., Kopecký, Z.: Základy teorie krizového managementu I, II, VŠE, Oeconomica, Praha, 2003

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