Fundamentals of Radiobiology and Possible Misuse of Radiological and Biological Agens

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Department of Health Care Disciplines and Population Protection

The aim of the course is to acquaint students with 21st century security risk, which is the phenomenon of terrorism and the principles of organization of medical assistance and first aid misuse of biological agents and nuclear and radiological materials. The hazards of these substances are potentially either directly (nuclear and radiological weapons, dirty bombs, biological agents, various forms of contamination, the use of toxins produced by microorganisms) or indirectly in attacks on civilian targets using nuclear and other radioactive materials and biological agents (typically nuclear power, research facilities or powerful radioactive sources used in industry and medicine). Options prevention, safety measures, the motion detection and pre-medical aid in threat these substances, materials and agents. Control of these hazardous substances and materials, international recommendations and requirements of the role of international organizations, legislative instruments and protection system against the potential dangers of the possible use of these substances or uncontrolled release into the environment due to sabotage or attacks on the installations.


The course is finished by a test in the range of reference literature and themes presented at lectures. The test contains 40 questions with three possible answers (number of correct answers from zero to three).

classification test

A - 37-40 points

B - 33-36 points

C - 29-32 points

D - 25-28 points

E - 21 to 24 points

F - less than 20 points (inclusive)

Note: The interval between regular and repeat the test or tests must be provisioned at least seven days.

Syllabus of lectures:

The first topic - Sources of ionizing radiation - basic laws of radioactivity, natural and artificial radioactivity, alpha, beta, gamma, X-rays, interaction of ionizing radiation with matter.

Second topic - Monitoring of radiation in the Czech Republic.

3. Topic - Structure of cells and their components, cell cycle, cell death, the direct and indirect effects of ionizing radiation.

4. Topic - General definition and characteristics of stochastic biological effects. Dependence on effective dose.

5th topic - Health effects of radiation damage.

6th topic - Acute and chronic radiation sickness, diagnosis, treatment.

7th topic - Terrorist potential misuse of biological agents

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

On the basis of the system of knowledge about the phenomenon of terrorism to obtain basic fundamental orientation in the area of possible use of the means of mass destruction and their effects on the population; organizing immediate response from the medical rescue system; conditions for the deployment of forces and means of the IRS; requirements to protect the population and emergency services.

Study materials:

Obligatory literature:

[1] Kuna, P., Navrátil, L. et al.: Klinická radiobiologie, MANUS, Praha 2005

[2] Matoušek, J., Benedík, J., Linhart, P.: CBRN - Biologické zbraně. Ostrava, SPBI Spectrum, 2007

[3] Matoušek, J., Österreicher, P., J., Linhart, P.: CBRN - Jaderné zbraně a radiologické materiály, Ostrava, SPBI Spectrum, 2007

Recommended literature:

[1] Beran, J. a kol.: Možnosti diagnostiky, izolace a léčby nemocných a zasažených bojovými biologickými prostředky nebo zvlášť nebezpečnými patogeny v AČR. Správy klinickej mikrobiologie, Ročník II, Číslo A/2002

[2] CBRNE- Biological Warfare Agents. http://www.emedicinehealth.com/emerg/topic853.htm

[3] Estes, D. P.: Biosecurity: Protecting High Consequence Pathogens and Toxins Against Theft and Di-version. October 2003, SAND No. 2003 - 4274P

[4] Farley, J. E.: Bioterrorism. http://www.hopkins-heic.org/bioterrorism/index.htmSalerno,

[5] Ježek, Z.: Sympozium o bioterorismu, Sydney, srpen 1999, 1. a 2. Část http://www.szu.cz/cem/aktu/bioter 1.htm

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