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Risk Theory

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17PBPTER Z,ZK 3 2P+1S Czech
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Department of Health Care Disciplines and Population Protection

Student learn to use basic concepts of the theory of risk, methods and procedures of risk analysis techniques .


Essay on a given topic, and passing the final written test.

Syllabus of lectures:

Concept and definition of risk, environmental risk, nature and development of risk phenomena.

Addressing high-risk situations.

Risk management.

Risk analysis methods, quantitative and qualitative methods of risk analysis, risk analysis social, technical and technological systems, methods of risk reduction, risks in natural, environmental, social risks in the environment, risk management processes, business risk, risk in the individual environment, risk economic environment, the risks in the working group; risk decision-making processes, addressing high-risk situations within each management function, risk management, crisis management in the transformation process.

Syllabus of tutorials:


Risk classification.

Risk Assessment.

Risk Management.

Risk analysis in the social, technical and technological environment.

Methods of reducing risk, in the decision-making processes.

In terms of risk management, risk management solutions in the economic environment.

Study Objective:

The aim of this course is to acquaint students with the methods and procedures of risk management. Effective risk management avoids the need for acute crisis management. The course includes the categorization of risk, clarification of basic concepts optimized risk and as a source of values. The course also focuses on the key risk factors, dependence between phenomena and events, risk decision-making processes, risk analysis, risk identification and qualification, quantification of risk, control risk, risk management, risk monitoring, dispute resolution, insurance and comprehensive risk management awareness and skills professional level workers, and case studies.

Study materials:

Mikolaj, J.: Rizikový management, FŠI ŽU, Žilina, 2001, ISBN 80-88829-65-8

Šimák, L.: Krizový management vo verejnej správe, FŠI ŽU, Žilina, 2001, ISBN 80-88829-13-5

Mikolaj, J. a kol.: Krizový management jako společenskovědný problém, FŠI ŽU, Žilina, 2000, ISBN 80-88829-54-2

Šimák, L.: Manažment rizík, učebné texty 125 strán, 2006, elektronická forma

Čunderlík, D.: Podnikateľské riziko, Heureka, Bratislava, 1995. ISBN 80-88810-95-7

Tichý M.: Ovládání rizika, Beckova edice ekonomie, Praha, 2006, ISBN 80-7179-415-5

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