Management and Crisis Management II

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Department of Health Care Disciplines and Population Protection

The goal is to provide students with basic information about the theory and practice of management and major categories of necessary control functions. Emphasis will be placed on understanding managerial skills, profile manager, change management. The next part will be practiced principles of planning time, work efficiency manager, the specifics of management of government.



complete processing, content and form a solid and original term paper on an important topic in management, scope of work 5 pages,

evaluation of work according to originality, benefit terms, substantive and formal correctness,

without obtaining credit and write credit to the CFE exam is impossible to realize.


examination test, 70% claim success

test consists of written part of 60 minutes to 20 issues in the content of lectures, tutorials and independent study and entered on her follow-up oral part only in the case of an ambiguous assessment test, or if the student wants to get a better evaluation

evaluation of the test: A - 20 questions correctly, B -19,C -18, D -17, E -15-16 questions correctly,

First Communication in managerial work

2, control, monitoring, evaluation,

Third Quality management, change management

4th Methods of organizational changes

5th Creative leadership, leader profile

6th Factors supporting organizational performance, the climate in the organization

7th The main principles of time management, setting goals and priorities

8th Factors influencing the efficiency manager.

9th Managerial competencies and their development,

10th Specifics of the management of government.

Syllabus of lectures:

Communication in management work.

Inspection, monitoring and evaluation.

Quality management, change management.

Methods of organizational change.

Creative leadership profile leader.

Factors supporting organizational performance climate within the organization.

The main principles of scheduling time, setting goals and priorities.

Factors affecting the efficiency manager.

Managerial competencies and their development.

Specifics of the management of government.

Syllabus of tutorials:


Study Objective:

The goal is to provide students with basic information about the theory, practice and use of management and major categories of necessary control functions.

Study materials:

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