Glycoconjugates and Immunochemistry

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15GIMCH ZK 3 2+0 Czech
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Petr Pompach
Petr Pompach
Department of Nuclear Chemistry

The course is focused on the history and present of immunochemistry and molecular immunology. The most important molecules of immunity system are thoroughly discussed (antibody, T-cell receptor, HLA antigens, complement, adhesive molecules) as well as technical aspects of experimental immunology techniques, details of immunology measurements and appropriate instrumentation.


For easy understanding of lectures, basic knowledge of chemistry and biochemistry at bachelor level is required.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.History of immunology and immunochemistry.

2.Tissues, cells and molecules of immune system

3.Regulation of immune system and its dysfunctions. Immunology deficiencies, hyper responsiveness, immunology tolerance, autoimmunity.

4.Non-specific effector mechanisms, phagocytosis, complement system. Defence systems based on lipids and saccharides identification.

5.Genesis and development of immunoglobulin superfamily. Immunoglobulins as adhesive molecules.

6.Tissue antigens, HLA typization

7.T-cell receptor, membrane and soluble immunoglobulins. Immunoglobulin genes.

8.Methods of preparation and purification of antibodies. Polyclonal, monoclonal, diabodies, single chain antibodies, minibodies. Imunologic reagents based on platforms other than immunoglobulin domain. Characterization of interactions antigen ? antibody.

9.Types of immunoanalytical determinations.

10.Development of immunoanalytical method. Treatment and interpretation of results.

11.Instrumentation in immunoanalytical laboratory, work organization, overview of diagnostic application.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

The aim of the course is to provide present knowledge in the field of glycoproteins and other glycoconjugates, inform students about the biological and biochemical properties of glycoconjugates and its usage. Students will be further informing about basic knowledge in the field of immunochemistry, its usage including modern methods in clinical praxis.

Study materials:

1.Paul W. E: Fundamental Immunology, 1987, Raven Press, NY, ISBN 08-28073-557-3

2.Klein J., Hořejší V.: Immunology, 2nd Ed., 1997, Blackwell, ISBN 0-632-04228-1

3.Janeway C.A., Travers P.: Immunobiology, 1994, Garlan Publishing, ISBN 0-8153-1691-7

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