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Network Server Administration

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E375006 KZ 3 2P+0C+1L English
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Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering

Computer networks - network topology, protocols, client-server communication. Servers in network. Maintenance of MS Windows and Linux. Focused on Linux server administration (70%), mainly Debian. Training on dedicated computers (students will install virtual servers as one of tasks).


The individual task ellaboration

Syllabus of lectures:

Microsoft Windows

Sequence of executing of MS Windows XP operating system (bios, bootable CD and device)

Registers, what does it mean and how to use them

Microsoft Network

User management, directories and printers sharing, remote access (file and printer access, remote desktop)

Antivirus and antispam software, computer maintenance

Devices, drivers and patches


The community, GPL, copyrights

The installation, distributions.

Terminal console. Bash commands. Important directories.

System restarting (rc.*), runlevels, the /etc directory, bash scripts, setting of system variables.

Recapitulation - CGI, C++ program as filter, the perl language, php as a script environment.

Apache, FTP and mail server configuration

User administration

The robots - cron and Mayordomo clone

Remote desktop and X-window terminal/server

Authentication, TLS/SSL, PKI, LDAP, Shibboleth

Linux in MS Windows network - Samba

User-prepared devices attached to computer, maintenance from web pages

Virtual servers


Hardware for networks (coax, twist, fiber, wireless technology)

Protocols (IP, TCP/IP, IPX; Ethernet, Ethernet frames, WiFi)

Client/server - sense and task of the server

Firewall as a standalone computer. Firewall settings, ip sharing (NAT, DNAT, masquerade).

Logical network

Novell Netware (if anyone interested)

Bindary and NDS

Users, trusties

Command line prompt commands and batch files

MS Windows clients

File locking and sharing

Creating network installable application

The order or range will be adjusted to match the next laboratory task.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Install MS Windows from the CD/DVD. We can try to install version from 10 to XP (8.1 recommended). Installation should include users, administrators, device configuration, patches and updates, antivir system, necessary environment configuration (i.e. NumLock, hiding of extension settings, etc.).

HW installation. Changing harddrives, preparing cables, setting of a separated network (course on real computers, harddrives dedicated for the course allows hardware sharing).

Install selected Linux distribution (Debian or Slackware recommended). Settings, as for MS Windows.

Text mode console commands. Cron, scripts.

Work with server - SQL, Apache, FTP/SFTP, mail. Mail robots.

Server as a firewall, ip sharing (NAT, DNAT, masquerade). Server behind the firewall.

Novell Netware administration, if anyone interested. Novell is not used for many years, but is useful to describe, how the server can work.

Study Objective:

To understand and have some experience with server supervising

Study materials:

Subject web paget: http://iat.fs.cvut.cz/cna .







email to lecturer: hlavac@fs.cvut.cz

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