Databases, SQL and MS Access

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E375005 KZ 3 2P+1C English
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Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering

Structure of databases (hierarchical, relational). Database management system. Relational databases, relational diagram, E-R diagram. SQL - create query, data definition language, data manipulation language, data control language. Stored procedures, triggers. Client - server concept. MySQL database server and its extensions. MS Access - database, use of Visual Basic. Application in MS Access.

Does not contain database project. Project can be enrolled separately as E372091 (2 credits) or E372992 (4 credits).

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Data, information, database. Hierarchical, network and relational model. Object-oriented model.

2. Database design, conceptual scheme, E-R diagram.

3. SQL - select, insert, delete, update. Types of variables.

4. SQL - aggregate functions, join, sort.

5. SQL - function with tables, select into, views.

6. Stored procedures, variables, triggers. Database auditing. Log files.

7. Import and export data from/to SQL databases. Moving to different platform. Compatibility problem.

8. MS Access - simple database. Forms, tables, queries.

9. Import data into MS Access. Data output - reports, export to a web page.

10. Work with pictures, OLE2 and another objects

11. Visual Basic. Application in MS Access.

12. Data access in the MS Access Visual Basic. SQL, pointer to table.

13. Application debugging and testing.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introduction to faculty computer networks, organization

2. Project assignment. Data structure concept.

3. SQL training on server using console.

4. SQL commands for the project

5. Means of MS Access

6. Preparing data for the application

7. Relation, forms, views.

8. Application interface.

9. Visual Basic

10. - 11. Work on projects.

12. Project presentation

13. Project web page

14. Evaluation, classification.

Study Objective:
Study materials:

Web support: http://iat.fs.cvut.cz/dba .

M. Brydon´s MS Access Tutorial on http://fisher.osu.edu/~muhanna.1/837/MSAccess/

contact lecturer: hlavac@fs.cvut.cz

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