Computed Tomography, Ultrasound

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17PBRVTU Z,ZK 3 2P+1C Czech
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Department of Health Care Disciplines and Population Protection

The subject acquaints students with principles of imaging with the help of computerized tomography. Assisting tools in CT examination of particular regions examined will be detailed. Preparation of patients for examination and procedures for administration of contrast media are described. The student is acquainted with post-processing data arrangement, data transfer and possibilities of filing. The students will master knowledge of the application of programmes of quality assurance and tests of operational stability in the field of CT imaging and of adhering to rules of radiation hygiene in CT examinations.

In the field of sonographic examinations the students are acquainted with principles of the origination of the sonographic image, use of B-, M-mode, colour Doppler analysis, harmonic imaging. Constructions of ultrasound instruments and differences in their equipment are described. Assisting components in sonographic imaging of particular organs and relevant sonographic anatomy are presented.


100% participation in practical exercises,

demonstration of the knowledge mastered by a written test,

passing the examination by the method set.

Syllabus of lectures:


Principles of CT, characteristics of particular systems MDCT, CT with dual energy.

Indication for examination, preparation of the patient, use of contrast media in examination, possible adverse reactions in the use of contrast media.

CT examination of the head and neck.

CT examination of the heart, lungs and mediastinum.

CT examination of abdominal organs and pelvis.

CT angiography and interventions.

CT examination of the axial skeleton, joints and limbs.

Principles of the ultrasonic image origination, resolving power, penetration of ultrasound through tissues. A-mode, B-mode, M-mode, colour Doppler analysis.

Basic components of sonographic apparatus, types of probes and their use, recording sonographic examination, courses of the origination of artefacts.

Summarization: CT and sonography.

Syllabus of tutorials:


Examination protocols for particular parts of the body in CT.

Sonographic examinations of particular organs and regions.

Study Objective:


to master basic knowledge within the subject to the extent necessary for the performance of the profession in the branch Radiology Assistant.

Study materials:

[1] Hozman, J., Roubík, K. Tomographical medical imaging systems - CT (English version) https://download.cvut.cz/vyukova-videa-pro-fbmi/ (authorization with CTU username and password is required) . Educational programme. Praha: AVTC ČVUT, 2002.

[2] Webb's physics of medical imaging. 2nd ed. Editor M. A. FLOWER. Boca Raton: CRC, c2012. Series in medical physics and biomedical engineering. ISBN 978-0-7503-0573-0. (1st ed. is also available in library)

[3] HRAZDIRA, Ivo a Vojtěch MORNSTEIN. Fundamentals of biophysics and medical technology. 2nd, rev. ed. Brno: Masaryk University, 2012. ISBN 978-80-210-5758-6.

[4] GILL, Robert W. Physics and technology of diagnostic ultrasound: study guide. Sydney: High Frequency Publishing, 2016. ISBN 9780987292148.

[5] GILL, Robert. The physics and technology of diagnostic ultrasound: a practitioner's guide. Sydney: High Frequency Publishing, 2012. ISBN 9780987292100.

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