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Fundamental Pathophysiology

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17PBRZPF ZK 2 2P Czech
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František Jira
František Jira
František Jira
Department of Health Care Disciplines and Population Protection

This course provides a brief overview of the pathophysiology of organ systems, based on knowledge of their normal function. Attention is focused on the failure of organ function, leading to the emergence of specific pathophysiological syndromes. Knowledge of these general pathophysiological mechanisms to the understanding of the genesis of specific diseases.


Credit and test: test (multiple choice), with repetition or oral examination in the range of reference literature and materials presented at the lectures.

Exam: written test (form a, b??, c, d) - a successful test min. 80% correct answers (100% = A, B = 95%, 90% = C, D = 85%, 80% = E).

Note: The interval between regular and repeat the test or tests must be provisioned at least 7 days.

Grades are recorded in the study. In the student trying to give letter abbreviations, verbal classification level in parentheses, the date of the examination or the date of the last section and sign it. The classification level of F in the student's record.

Syllabus of lectures:


Homeostatic mechanisms in the organism. Functional mechanisms at levels of cells and tissues.

The muscle - nerve, physiology, conduction of excitation, the blood and its functions, immunity.

Circulation - respiration - physiology.

Physiology of the gastrointestinal system - nutrition.

Endocrine glands.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

The goal is to give students a systematic overview of the foundations of pathological physiology and general pathogenetic mechanisms and aspects affecting specific organs and organ systems, and allow an understanding of existing relationships in the formation and development of pathological processes.

Study materials:

[1]FÖLSCH U.R. et al.: Patologická fyziologie, Grada 2003

[2]SILBERNAGL, S, LANG, F.:Atlas patofyziologie člověka

[3]NEČAS, K.: Patologická fyziologie , Karolinum 2006

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