Conventional Radiology I

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Department of Health Care Disciplines and Population Protection

The purpose of the subject is to acquaint students with basic imaging techniques employed in radiodiagnostics. Special attention will be paid to classical skiagraphy and skiascopy. In addition to outline of particular organ projections, the students will be acquainted with the risk nature of the discipline, protection from radiation, preparation of patients for radiodiagnostic examinations and course of basic and special conventional radiodiagnostic examinations. The target of the subject is to explain problems of making X-ray images and provide orientation in a wide spectrum of radiodiagnostic projections.


100% participation in practical exercises, lectures,

demonstration of the knowledge mastered by a written test.

Syllabus of lectures:

History and specification of the branch radiodiagnostics, its position among other medical disciplines.

Outline of imaging techniques in radiodiagnostics.

Conventional radiodiagnostics - introduction.

Origination of the image, quality of the image, direct and indirect digitalization.

Skiagraphy of the axial skeleton.

Skiagraphy of proximal limbs.

Skiagraphy of distal limbs.

Scanning of the head.

Special projections.


Skiascopic examinations.

Skiascopic examinations.

Contrast media in skiascopy.

Lecture „Summary“.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Practical exercises:

1st week Acquainting with organization of work at a radiodiagnostic department.

2nd week Outline of imaging techniques in radiodiagnostics.

3rd week Conventional radiodiagnostics - introduction.

4th week Origination of the image, quality of the image, direct and indirect digitalization.

5th week Skiagraphy of the axial skeleton.

6th week Skiagraphy of proximal limbs.

7th week Skiagraphy of distal limbs.

8th week Scanning of the head.

9th week Special projections.

10th week Traumatology.

11th week Skiascopic examinations.

12th week Skiascopic examinations.

13th week Contrast media in skiascopy.

14th week Testing of knowledge for credit.

Study Objective:


to master basic knowledge within the subject to the extent necessary for the performance of the profession in the branch Radiology Assistant.

Study materials:

Nekula, J., Heřman, M., Vomáčka, J., Kocher, M. Radiologie. UP Olomouc, 2005.

Nekula, J., Chmelová, J. Vybrané kapitoly z konvenční radiologie, Ostravská univerzita, ZSF, 2005.

Šmoranc, P. Rentgenová asistenta v lékařství. SPŠE Pardubice, 2004.

Chudáček, Z. Radiodiagnostika. Grada, 2000. ISBN 80-7169-689-7

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