Medical Ethics

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Department of Health Care Disciplines and Population Protection

Subject introduces students to fundamental ethical issues in medical ethics due to future professional orientation. It develops students' ability to think in ethical contexts, discuss, argue and defend their views in ethical dilemma situations, which brings medical environment.


Graded credit:

Elaboration of essay on a selected topic in the field of medical ethics.

Seminar work must meet the formal structure, ie. 5-25 pages of written text. Text can be added graphics, image attachments, spreadsheets or other material that was used when writing.

The work should be structured in the introduction, theoretical and practical part, conclusion.

Within the text, a student essay shows that it can process within a defined range of technically specified topic using literature.

Most are valued at their own invention and the benefits and the ability to critically reflect and compare the compile literature, practical part may be in the form of essays.

Work must include a list of references and resources, quotes, according to standards (ISO 690 and ISO 690-2)

Topics to be discussed with the students because of their interest in the issue.

The proposal is located on the topics of study materials.

The student selects a topic before 8 week semester, he writes the selected topic to form by the teacher.

Students send the seminar work in electronic form in doc format. 14 days before the planned date of graded credit to the e-mail address of the teacher and himself credit fetches a copy of the work.

Students in graded assessments orally demonstrates knowledge and ability to discuss the issue, defends his views, and argues in defense of the essay.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Ethics as a philosophical discipline, basic terminology of ethics.

2. Applied Ethics: medical ethics, ethics for radiological profession

3. The relationship of legal and ethical norms, the emergence and development of existing codes of ethics.

4. Code of Ethics radiological assistant.

5. Patients' rights and their role in the humanization of medicine. Patients' rights and their observance in radiology.

6. The issue of informed consent. Problems in the application of informed consent in practice. Informed consent and its use in radiology.

7. Privacy, confidentiality and duty to break confidentiality. Retention of conscience.

8. The problem of security and dignity of clients with regard to radiological procedures.

9. Ethical and legal standards regulating research in medicine.

10. Ethical issues of dying and death.

11. Ethical problems of organ transplantation.

12. Ethical aspects of assisted reproduction, cloning, genetic testing.

13. Resource allocation, the problem prices and costs in health care.

14. The introduction of new technologies in medicine, ethics of advertising.

Syllabus of tutorials:


Study Objective:


to master basic knowledge within the subject to the extent necessary for the performance of the profession in the branch Radiology Assistant.

Study materials:

1. Haškovcová, H. Lékařská etika. 4. vyd. Praha: Galén, 2015. ISBN 978-807492204-6

2. Munzarová M.: Proč NE etanázii aneb Být, či nebýt? Olomouc: Karmelitánské nakladatelství, 2008. ISBN 978-80-7195-304-3

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9. Šimek, J.: Lékařská etika. Praha: Grada Publishing, 2015. ISBN 978-80-247-5306-5

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