Aircraft Electrical and Electronic Systems

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Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering

Subject is focused on deepening of knowledge about character and using of electronic elements and circuits for signal generating, conditioning and signals processing which represent physical quantity in control and test air systems, methods of transmission and evaluation of signal in analogue and digital form.


To get credit the student must participate in contact teaching and must fulfil all tasks in the laboratory.) If student misses more than 20%, he must fill additional requirements announced by teachers. The exam is in written form (test) and next in oral form (2 questions by lot). 60 % is minimal number for success of test.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Semiconductor elements and their application in sensors of physical quantities

2. Special sensors of physical quantities with a view to traffic engineering

3. Signal amplifiers, their construction, application and limiting

4. Signals generators

5. Frequency-selective circuits, signal filtering

6. Signal transmission along line, communication bus

7. Circuits with distributed parameters, electromagnetic-wave propagation

8. Wireless signal transmission, coding and transmission security

9. Digital signals processing

10. Level converters D/D, A/D, D/A

11. Generation of electricity, distribution and storage of electric power with a view to transport

12. Methods of protection and monitoring of electrical, controlling and sensor systems

13. Electromagnetic compatibility

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Characteristics of semiconductor components and sensors (piezoelectric, position sensor, accelerometer)

2. Circuits of first-stage signal processing - amplifiers, characteristics

3. Generators of periodic harmonic and inharmonic (pulse) signals ? characteristics, output signal parameters.

4. Optoelectronic elements, static and dynamic characteristics measurement

5. Line transmission parameters measurement, disturbance, and electromagnetic compatibility

6. Signal filtering, analogue filter, digital filter, characteristics

7. Power supplies - basic parameters

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