CFD Application in Process Engineering

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Department of Process Engineering

Numerical modeling and simulation of fluid flow, heat and mass transport focused on practical problems in process engineering. ANSYS CFD will be used for geometry description, computational mesh and numerical solution. Several problems will be solved during the course, like fluid flow in a pipe network and pressure drop calculation, laminar or turbulent flow in a heat exchanger with total heat transfer coefficient evaluation, and fluid flow in a mixed system including chemical or biological reaction.

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1. Introduction to CFD, basic relations to other courses.

2. Introduction to the geometry creation in ANSYS DesignModeler, principles, basic geometric operations and elements. First task - a simple pipeline network.

3. Computational grid creation - ANSYS Meshing, mostly used elements, basic procedures of mesh refinements. Application to the pipeline network problem.

4. Numerical solution of flow in a pipeline network, ANSYS Fluent - boundary conditions, physical properties, initial conditions, choice of turbulence model, other settings. Numerical solution, postprocessing the results. Pressure drop evaluation.

5. Second task - heat exchanger. Geometry creation, mesh, periodic boundary conditions.

6. Continuation of the heat exchanger problem, basic heat transfer models, wall functions pros and cons, alternatives.

7. Heat exchanger - simulation and solution.

8. Heat exchanger - post-processing, evaluation of calculated values and determination of heat transfer coefficient.

9. Third task - agitated system (system), geometry creation.

10. Build the mesh - principles and advantages of hybrid meshes.

11. Numerical solution of flow in the agitated system.

12. Example of chemical reaction in the agitated system, stoichiometric coefficient and reaction rate definitions.

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