Pascal Programming (Delphi)

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Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering

Delphi and its RAD environment (Rapid Application Develoment) - create programs, use of visual represented components - buttons, edit, memo, event handling using Pascal. Prepared dialogs (work with files, printing). Timer. Work with canvas (pictures, images). Pascal - variables, cycles, functions, procedures. Data types, structured data types creation. Typical algorithms - searching, sorting. Recursion, iteration, backtracking. Pointers, dynamic memory. Abstract data types: table, stack, LIFO, list, tree. Binary tree, AVL tree.

Training in the Borland Delphi, students can install the Lazarus as well.


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Syllabus of lectures:

Delphi environment. Simple program.

Fundamentals of Pascal, structure, types of variables, constants definition. Calling functions.

Programming languages, interpreter, compiler, object-oriented approach, 4GL.

Record, set, file-of-byte, text files use.

Statements, assignments, conditional statements, loops, case.

Procedures, functions, formal parameters declaration.

Standard features of Pascal, Borland Pascal extensions.

Algorithms: Data Structures - queue (FIFO), stack (LIFO), the circular queue.

Dynamic Variables - Declaration and returning the memory. Fragmentation, the garbage collector.

Records, dynamic data structures.

Single and double linked list.

Trees, binary trees, B-trees, AVL tree, rotations.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Introduction into running applications in 308 laboratory, students' accounts, students will be submitted 3 practical excercises to solve.

Simple application. Constants. Simple types, structured types incl. arrays, records, sets, files. Variables. Basics of programming language.

Sorting. Handling events (OnMouse.., Timer]. Using components, their fields (Canvas) and attributes (writing and painting on Canvas).

Printing from Delphi applications.

Dynamic data structures: stack, queue, linked list, tree.

Binary tree, AVL tree, B-tree.

Study Objective:

Basic concepts: algorithm, parallel algorithms, reentrance. Difference between program and process. Structuring of data, 4GL, visual programming aids. Structured programming: structured statements, structured data types. Language Pascal (Delphi): block and its properties, program, declaration of function and procedures, parameters (incl. functional). Standard procedures and functions. Abstract data types: table, stack, LIFO, list, tree. Binary tree, AVL tree. Abstract operations: search, sort, interpolation, iteration, recursion, backtracking.

Study materials:

Cantu, Marco: Mastering Delphi 7. Sybex 2003.

Wirth, N.: Algorithms and data structures. Prentice-Hall, 1986.

Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, Stein: Introduction to Algorithms.

Lischner, Ray: Delphi in a Nutshell. O'Reilly, 2002.

Borland: Delphi Developer's Guide. Borland Software Corporation, CA, USA.

http://www1.fs.cvut.cz/cz/u12110/aii/ , http://www1.fs.cvut.cz/cz/u12110/AII/aii/

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