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Optical Laboratory II.

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17PBOOP2 KZ 2 2L Czech

The course 17PBOOP2 can be graded only after the course 17PBOBT has been successfully completed.

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Department of Natural Sciences

Practical course where students will learn the fundamental methods for practical dispensing of individual spectacle lenses. Students will practice the methods for measuring individual parameters of a client and of individual spectacle lenses processing. Dispensing progressive and degressive spectacle lenses. The course makes possible to apply theoretical knowledge from opthalmic optics in practice.


Practically making of glasses, measuring of glass lenses, repairing of glasses.

Syllabus of lectures:


Syllabus of tutorials:

1)Measurement of prism angle

2)Measurement of index of refraction of prism

3)Measurement of focal length

4)Measurement of radius of curvature with spherometer;

5)Measurement of resolving power of objective lens

6)Measurement of radius of curvature microscope


8)Transmittance and reflectivity of optical glass and plastics

9)Demonstrations of optical aberrations

10)Spectral transmittance of glass

11)Dispersion of light - Abbe number

12)Measurement of spectrum of light sources by fibre spectrometer

13)Measurement of wavelength of laser by diffraction grating

In the practical part of the course students will learn how to choose a proper frames and spectacle lenses for individual customers. They will also practice the technology (cutting, grinding, edging, polishing) of spectacle lenses processing, centering the lens, bevelling the lens into frames and adjusting the spectacle frames.

Study Objective:

Optician practice.

Study materials:

1.JALIE, Mohammed. Ophthalmic lenses and dispensing. 3rd ed. Edinburgh: Elsevier/Butterworth Heinemann, 2008.

2.BROOKS, Clifford W. System for ophthalmic dispensing. 3rd ed. St. Louis, MO: Butterworth Heinemann,2007.

3.JALIE, M. The principles of ophthalmic lenses. 4th ed. London: The Association of British Dispensing Opticians, 1984.

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