Physical Optics

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Department of Natural Sciences

Physical optics and its application in engineering and optometry. Fundamentals of wave optics (interference, diffraction, polarization, absorption, dispersion, reflectivity) with applications in instruments and optometry. Fundamental of photon theory of light. Photoelectric effect. Photodetectors. Light sources. Luminiscence. Fundamentals of lasers and their applications in optometry and ophthalmology. The laboratory excersises focus on selected optical measuring methods, regarding geometric and wave optics. Measurements relating to the basic characteristics of optical materials, parameters of optical elements and systems will be taken.


100% attendance to the labs, elaboration of laboratory tasks reports.

Final exam ? written test + oral exam.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Optical radiation and its properties

2.Fundamental of wave optics

3.Interference of light

4.Diffraction of light

5.Polarization of light

6.Light sources

7.Lasers and their types

8. Photodetectors. Eye as a photodetector

9.Fundamentals of radiometry

10.Fundamentals of photometry

11.Effects of optical radiation on eye tissues

12.Color vision. Fundamentals of colorimetry

13.Fundamentals of optical measurements

14.Special parts of optics

Syllabus of tutorials:

1)Measurement of prism angle

2)Measurement of index of refraction of prism

3)Measurement of focal length

4)Measurement of radius of curvature with spherometer;

5)Measurement of resolving power of objective lens

6)Measurement of radius of curvature microscope


8)Transmittance and reflectivity of optical glass and plastics

9)Demonstrations of optical aberrations

10)Spectral transmittance of glass

11)Dispersion of light - Abbe number

12)Measurement of spectrum of light sources by fibre spectrometer

13)Measurement of wavelength of laser by diffraction grating

Study Objective:

Familiarize students with the basic parts of so-called physical optics, which will enable them to better understand the professional issues of ophthalmic optics and optometry.

Study materials:

1.HECHT, Eugene. Optics. 4th ed. San Francisco: Addison Wesley, 2002.

2.SALEH, Bahaa E. A. a Malvin Carl TEICH. Fundamentals of photonics. 2nd ed. Hoboken: Wiley Interscience, 2007.

3. M.Bass: Handbook of Optics. Vol.I-V, McGraw-Hill Professional, 2009.

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