Proposal and Management of Project

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Department of Natural Sciences

The project as a coordinated effort by a group of people, its types and stages of project design, SWOT analysis. Requirements for individual types of projects, documentation, financing and management. Project management, organization, coordination and implementation of the project. Presentation of the project. Team management project. The project and its leadership. Determination of team types. Communication within the team and between managers and subordinates. Leadership workshops. Motivation. The system of grant agencies in the country. Getting project abroad. Bachelor thesis as a project. Possibilities of software products for the design and management of the project


Graded credit: 70 % participation in exercises and worked on the project team exercises. His ppt presentation in the range of 10 minutes followed by a 5 minute discussion on the project will be the basis for evaluation KZ

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction, basic concepts and definitions, types of projects, SWOT analysis introduction to project management, concepts

2. Idea, studies, feasibility studies, decision making

3. Project documentation, links to the feasibility study, the Public Procurement Act

4 The framework of the project, the project manager's personality, the personality of the team, the strengths and weaknesses of people, motivation

5. Management of people, change management, evaluation of success and failure

6. Contractual relationships, new Civil Code, the readmission of work, the economic assessment of the project

7. Examples of projects, project management, communication, and communication of information

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Test personality, creating a team, selecting roles in the team, clarifying competencies for OPT. Enter / select thematic projects (selection of our proposed themes).

2. Change management, consultation and specification by the first hour

3. Create a feasibility study for the implementation of Optics. Deciding on real examples from practice.

4. Commissioning strengths and weaknesses, timetable of activities, scientific and economic evaluation.

5. Establishing a performance contract or contracts with investors, suppliers

6. Consultation before final project presentations

7. Termination of projects and presentations with an opposition

Study Objective:

To acquaint students with the fundamentals and principles of project design and implementation to achieve the desired objective of the project „Proposal of Eye optics“

Study materials:

ARTHUR, Diane. Fundamentals of human resources management, fourth edition.( 4th ed). Saranac Lake, N.Y.: American Management Association, 2004, 256 p.

MARTOCCHIO, Joseph J. Research in personnel and human resources management. (1st ed.) United Kingdom: Elsevier JAI, 2008, 344 p.

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Henderson, I. (2011). Human Resource Management for MBA Students (2nd ed.). London: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

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