Geometric modeling

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Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction

Course Geometric Modeling provides students with theoretical backgrounds from area of geometric modeling of 3D objects and with knowledge how to apply the theory in praxis. Students will be provided with information on:

- Basic representations of 3D objects,

- data structures needed for the representations of 3D objects and

- operations with 3D objects.

In the course labs, the students will be solving number of practical assignments from area of geometric modeling. The aim of the course labs is to implement data structures for selected representations of 3D objects and to implements selected operations with these representations.


Successful completion of Multimedia and Graphics Applications (A7B39MGA) is beneficial. It is recommended to enroll for the course after or together with Graphics Programming (A7BPGR).

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Mathematics for geometic modeling

2. Taxonomy of reprezentations of 3D objects

3. Polygonal reprezentation

4. Parametric curves

5. Parametric surfaces

6. Volumetric reprezentation

7. Procedural reprezentation

8. Topological properties of 3D objects

9. Basic operations with 3D objects 1

10. Basic operations with 3D objects 2

11. Advanced operations with 3D objects

12. Convrsion between representations of 3D objects

13. Problems with precision of representations of 3D objects

14. Reserve.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introduction to the course, mathematics for geometic modeling

2. Mathematics for geometic modeling

3. Introduction to 1. assignment - polygonal reprezentation

4. Consultations.

5. Deadline for 1. assignment. Introduction to 2. assignment - curves and surfaces

6. First test. Consultations.

7. Deadline for 2. assignment. Introduction to 3. assignment - volumetric reprezentation

8. Consultations.

9. Deadline for 3. assignment. Introduction to 4. assignment- procedural reprezentation

10. Consultations.

11. Deadline for 4. assignment. Introduction to 5. assignment - operations with 3D objects

12. Second test. Consultations.

13. Deadline for 5. assignment. Crediting.

14. Reserve.

Study Objective:

The aim of course Geometric Modeling is to provide students with knowledge that will allow them to write their own applications that create 3D objects and manipulate with them..

Study materials:

[1] Jiří Žára, Bedřich Beneš, Jiří Sochor, Petr Felkel. Moderní počítačová grafika, 2. vydání. Computer Press, 2005.

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