Bachelor Thesis 1

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Code Completion Credits Range Language
12BPLA1 Z 5 0+5 Czech
Enrollement in the course requires an successful completion of the following courses:
Annual Project 2 (12ROPR2)
Bachelor Seminar 1 (12SBA1)
Garant předmětu:
Václav Kubeček, Ivan Procházka
Václav Kubeček
Radka Mika Havlíková, Václav Kubeček
Department of Physical Electronics

The course concerns the topic, given by the bachelor work supervisor. The successful defense of the bachelor thesis is the integral part of the particular bachelor curriculum, depending on the specialization. The bachelor work submission is agreed upon by the departmental head and the faculty dean. A student pursues the background research, based on journal, internet as well as special book literature, given by the bachelor work advisor, included in the official bachelor work submission, and further independently searched out by the student. With a supervisor agreement, the student further solves given particular problems, based on the studied and recommended literature sources. The thesis is reviewed by one (typically internal) reviewer who is an expert in the field. Contact hours represent individual communications with the bachelor work advisor where current needs are discussed and solved. The course is thus not regularly scheduled.


Bachelor thesis definitions

Syllabus of lectures:

Student works on the given topic according to the bachelor work submission for a period of 2 semesters.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Student works on the given topic according to the bachelor work submission for a period of 2 semesters.

Study Objective:

Knowledge: a particular field depending on a given project topic.

Abilities: working unaided on a given task, understanding the problem, producing an

original specialist text.

Study materials:

Key references: will be chosen by tutor on the bases of specified theme.

Recommended references:

Bachelor thesis from KFE FJFI ČVUT in Prague - stored in department archive.

Further information:
No time-table has been prepared for this course
The course is a part of the following study plans:
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