CAD Systems: AutoCad 2

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124XCA2 Z 1 2C Czech
Garant předmětu:
Hana Kopřivová
Hana Kopřivová
Department of Architectural Engineering

Specifically, it is a practical mastery of AUTOCAD in 3D, aimed at builders. User coordinate system, axonometric projection and perspective. Various interesting surfaces, curves, imitation of terrain surfaces. Solids, intersections, unification and differences of solids, vaults, section of a body through a plane. Printing, paper space, and model space. visualization Materials, lighting, use of a solar calculator, insolation of the object during the day. Background, finding out how an object acts in a given neighborhood. Accessories, characters, plants, etc. Output also in raster format, e.g.jpg. Format dwf, video.


Subject follows 124XCA1. Knowledge of AutoCAD in the plane is required, offsetting from XCA1 is not a requirement.

Syllabus of lectures:

without lectures.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.CAD systems in construction. Hardware, software. Autodesk Academia program, certificates from Autodesk. Get the student version of AutoCAD. Motivational examples of 3D objects. Simple housings. Various projections - views, axonometry, perspective. Display styles - 2D, 3D wired, hidden edges, conceptual, realistic.

2.User coordinate systems. Drawing in different planes. Additional commands for solids. Solid editing, intersection, unification, difference, displacement and rotation in space. 3D operations.

3.Pulling, pulling, helix, field. Screw staircase.

4.Addition of bodies. Templating, rotation, shell. Cross-section of the body and surface through the plane and the surface.

5.3D surfaces - translational, rotational, linear, defined by edges - Hfaces. Drawing of the hand, contour lines, imitation of the terrain by surfaces. Hyperbolic paraboloid - interesting roofs. 3D operations.

6.Network primitives and their properties. Anti-aliasing, extrusion of the face. Convert a solid to a mesh and vice versa.

7.Surfaces and their properties. Transition, patch, indented. NURBS.

8.Laying cutouts on paper. Preparation for printing. Format of drawings. Visualization. material Own material. Render. background Setting the object into the surrounding environment.

9.Lights, shadows, solar calculator, insolation of object during the day. Output also in raster format, e.g.JPG.

10.Animation, possibly with shadows.

11.Semestral work -Spatial object of your choice. Some simple building, interior of the room, interesting furniture, newspaper stand, telephone booth, etc. - Drawing No 1 : Several cut-outs on one paper, e.g. floor plan, front view, side view, axonometry. Same scale. - Drawing No.2 : Perspective , single cutout, stamp. -Exit from rednr. Materials, lights, shadows. 2 JPG files. One with drop shadows, one with background. Or both into one file. -Animation. AVI file. -For credit files DWG, JPG, multi-sheet DWF file from drawing no. 1 and No. 2. AVI file, video.

12.Completion of seminar papers.

13.Submission of seminar papers in electronic form on USB or by e-mail. Registration of credit

Study Objective:

Student will master AutoCAD software in 3D, learn to use it in their field.

Study materials:

[1] Horová Iva: 3D modelování a vizualizace v AutoCADu, Computer Press, Brno 2008

[2]Finkelstein Ellen: Mistrovství v AutoCADu Kompletní průvodce pro verze 2009 a 2010, Computer Press Brno 2010

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