Hydropower Schemes

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142XVEL Z 1 2P Czech
Garant předmětu:
Petr Nowak
Petr Nowak
Department of Hydraulic Structures

Lessons deepen the knowledge of harnessing of water energy from basic course. Attention is focused on small hydropower including specific problems with hydraulic losses calculations and hydraulic transients.


basic knowledge of hydraulics and hydrology

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Basic differences between small and large hydropower plants

2. Types of valves and their hydraulic properties

3. Theory of reactive turbines, construction

4. Theory of Pelton turbines, construction

5. Turbine characteristics and mapping by measuring

6. Hydraulic calculations of intake structures

7. Simplified calculation of water hammer

8. Calculation of oscillation of water level in surge chamber

9. Loading of civil structures

10. Large low head hydropower plants - examples

11. Large middle head hydropower plants and pump storage - examples

12. Large high head hydropower plants - examples

13. Development and putting in operation

14. Presentation of software for aided design and hydraulic calculations

Syllabus of tutorials:

the subject has no exercises

Study Objective:

The main goal is to deepen the knowledge of auxiliary equipment of hydropower plants with special focus to small hydropower plants.

Study materials:

[1] Gabriel, P., Čihák, F., Kalandra, P.: Malé vodní elektrárny, Vydavatelství ČVUT, Praha, 1998

[2] Štoll, Č., Kratochvíl, S., Holata, M.: Využití vodní energie, SNTL, 1977

[3] Holata M.: Hydraulika vodních motorů, 1967.

[4] Novák P.: Hydraulic modelling - an introduction, Spon Press, 2010

[5] Novák P.: Hydraulic structures, Taylor & Francis, 2007

[6] Wieprecht S.: Design of hydraulic structures - Hydro power schemes, Univestisaet Stuttgart

[7] Brekke H.: Hydraulic turbines - design, erection and operation, Kvaerner, 2001

[8] Giesecke J.: Wassekraftanlagen, Springer, 2009

[9] ESHA: Guide on How to develop a small hydropower plant; Handbuch zur Planung und Errichtung von Kleinwasserkraftanlagen, 2004

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