Landscape Architecture - Introduction

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555LA Z,ZK 3 2P+0C
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Department of Urban Design

This course is about obtaining knowledge through sharing and developing ideas regarding the history of garden art and landscape architecture and contemporary trends of landscape architecture worldwide. Students write essays, make site research in Prague (historical gardens, parks, public spaces) and make PowerPoint presentation concerning landscape architecture in their country.


Your interest about landscape architecture and ability to cooperate with your colleagues during site research and preparing powerpoint presentation. „Sharing“ is our motto.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction to the subject of LA. 2. Gardens, parks and landscapes in Prague and in the Czech Republic 3. Historical gardens and parks in Asia and Europe. 4. Gardens of the Renaissance, the Mannerism and the Baroque, French classical parks and gardens. 5. English gardens and parks. 6. American gardens and parks from Central Park to 2014, development of city park systems and parkways. 7.- 13. Contemporary gardens, parks and public spaces in the Czech Republic, Europe, Americas, Asia and Australia

Syllabus of tutorials:

Excersises are managed as site research in Prague gardens, parks and public places. The result is powerpoint presentation or essey.

Study Objective:

When architects and landscape architects cooperate the results are usually better. For good cooperation understanding is important. So we try to open your mind and eyes for understanding what is landscape architecture about and for contemporary topics of landscape architecture.

Study materials:

1. Norbeg - Schultz, Christian: Genius Loci: Towards a Phenomenology of Architecture, Rizzoli, New York, 1980, 1984. 2. Newton, Norman T.: Design on the Land, Harvard University Press, 1971. 3. Thacker, Christopher: The History of Gardens, University of California Press, 1979. 4.Gordon Cullen:The Concise Townscape.5.www.TOPOS.de, www.iflaonline.org, www.asla.org, www.csla.org

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