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History of Theatre

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555HT KZ 2 2P+0C
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Department of Interior Design

The subject is focused on the development of the architecture of the theatre buildings and the production area. Attention is focused on the logic of the relation between the building typology and the development of the theatre, as a medium. Media that express the cultural and social tendencies of their time. They are these aspects which then influence the formation of the scenic space and its technical equipment. Seminar work, which analyses the historical theatre building and contemporary theatre building, compares the different needs of the production space. Part of the course includes excursions to Czech theatre buildings and a visit to Laterna Magica.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. The Greek and Roman theatre I. The Greek and Roman theatre II. 3. The Medieval theatre. 4. The theatre of the Italian Renaissance. 5. The Elizabethan theatre. 6. The Baroque theatre. 7. The chateau theatre in Český Krumlov. 8. The stage machinery, the flying machines, the costumes, lighting. 9. The Chateau Theatre of Drottninghalm. 10. The golden age of Spain and France. 11. The English Restoration theatre. 12. The theatre in 18th century. 13. The early 19th century theatre. 14. The acoustics.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:
Study materials:

1. Beranek, Leo: Music and Architecture, 1979. 2. Burris - Meyer, Edward C.Cole: Theatres and Auditorium, Reinhold, 1949. 3. Multin-Donald C.: Development of the Playhouse, 1970. 4. Pardyl, Věkoslav H.: Specialised Dictionary of Theatrical Terms and Vocabulary of Applied Arts, in both Czech and English.

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