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Spontaneously-grown Structures of Selected Nanomaterials

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Department of Laser Physics and Photonics

The course is under way of essential convergence of the nano-bio-info fields in nanoscale. The course is focused on the self-assembly of nanostructures, their characterization, and application in nano-electro-mechanical systems, new materials, medicine, new sources of energy, and biomimetics. The course covers examples of self-assembly in nature.


The course is based on the broad spectrum of secondary-school knowledge level in natural sciences.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Diagnostics of nanostructures.

2. Fractals and thein growth.

3. Diffusion limited aggregation (DLA).

4. Physics of colloids.

5. Coulombic and van der Waals interactions, hyfrophobic and hydrophilic interactions, hydrogen bonds.

6. Application of physics of colloids.

7. Top-Down a Bottom-Up approaches to preparation of nanostructures.

8. Surfactants and amphiphilic molecules. Transition of dispersed to condensed states as beginning of self-organisation.

9. Driving forces and control of self-assembly. Colloidal phase diagrams.

10. Self-assembly and block-copolymers.

11. Nanomaterials and their processing.

12. DLC (Diamond like carbon), organic solar cells.

13. Self-assembly in nature. Hierarchical structures. Biomimetics.

14. DNA, applications in technology. Proteins as building blocks in biology.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

Knowledge: knowledge of the contemporary nanoscience and nanotechnology with the aim to enhance the student's inspiration in research and in very new methods in technology and to facilitate their communication with professionals in different scientific fields.

Skills: orientation in the field of contemporary nanoscience and nanotechnology, skills in its practical applications.

Study materials:

Compulsory literature:

[1] J. Zhang et al., Self-Assembled Nanostructures, Kluver Academic/Plenum Publisher, 2003.

Supplementary literature:

[2] B. Bhushan (ed.), Handbook of Nanotechnology, Springer, 2004 (1st ed.); Springer, 2007 (2nd ed.).

[3] K. Goser et al, Nanoelectronics and Nanosystems, Springer, 2004.

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